AOS problem

While setting up for adsec DX measurement, we find that the AOS Right reports "FLAO - disconnected" and does not send elevation data, even if from the msgd side the AOS is reported as a connected client. Restarting the AOS fixes this.

Timestamp some minutes before 2016 02 09 - 13:59 GMT

Record of the Barrino Micrometeres

  • Top micrometer: 3.11
  • Left micrometer: 3.18

Paolo's laser check

We check Paolo's laser wobbling when rotating the laser head inside its mount. The setup has about 10m of length and a target of graph paper.

The laser has two cylindrical internal part with two pen-drawn marker on the inner part that correspond to other two markers on the outer part, But the two marks are 180° apart so we have two possible positions of the inner vs. outer part.

The result is:
  1. diam = 11 mm -> 226 arcsec, position 1
  2. diam = 10 mm -> 206 arcsec, position 1
  3. diam = 154 arcsec, position 2

Looking at the error budget table in this page: the term for Paolo's laser is 50 arcsec radius. We have a slightly higher value (77 arcsec radius), using this value will raise the total quadratic sum from 56 to about 64 arcsec.

Start of work on the WFS board

The reference part for L1 is found to be already mounted on the board, and we check that it is correctly pressed agains the L1 mount. After this, the L1 mount is removed and the laser put in its place. The return spot is 8 mm away in the horizontal axis, and about 5 mm away in the vertical axis.

End of shimming

Shimming is done, detailed log is lost because of a saving problems but we have paper logs and photos.

-- AlfioPuglisi - 06 Feb 2016
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