ADC and Rerotator tracking loops were not behaving correctly in the previous days. Tracking code has been rewritten in C++ inside the WfsArbitrator instead of the Python scripts. With this, together with a fix of the SimpleMotor FSM which was getting confused with many queued commands (1Hz), everything works.

Telescope condition:

No T/O available. Cannot move elevation axis or RFBG derotator. We simulate the movements by directly writing the R.AOSR00.ROTATOR.ANGLE and R.AOSR00.TEL.EL variables. The AOS has been previously tested and is correctly updating these variables with the current telescope position (rotator angle is in the PCS frame).

Test Expected result Result
Simulate telescope at Zenith (TEL.EL = 320000, rotator angle=0) Rerotator angle=0
ADC angle/dispersion = 0/0
Simulate telescope movement to elvation 45 deg. (TEL.EL=160000) Rerotator angle=0
ADC angle/dispersion = 0/45
Simulate RFGB rotation of 20 degrees Rerotator angle=20
ADC angle/dispersion = 20/45
Go back to starting position Rerotator angle=0
ADC angle/dispersion = 0/0

Activate/deactivate pupil rerotator and ADC tracking loops in WfsArbitrator GUI,
both together or one by itself.

GUI correctly report tracking status.
WFS arbitrator tracks only the activated device.

Many similar test sequences were done. Rerotator and ADC responded promptly and without fail.

-- AlfioPuglisi - 03 Apr 2010
Rerotator angle=0
ADC angle/dispersion = 0/0
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