How to setup and test the mirror unit in clean room

  1. the mirror unit is supposed on the integration stand (see 642xnnna) and connected to the cooling system
  2. check the cooling system is running (pump and heat exchanger both on)
  3. collect all the spare electronics and cables as described in nnnxnnna
  4. mount and connect the spare electronics (see nnnxnnna)
  5. check TSS hardware switch is disable and power the electronics (120VAC as first, then 208VAC, see nnnxnnna)
  6. check ADAm for responding (ping adamdx or ping adamsx). If ADAM is not responding probably it is needed to change ADAM IP address with a direct ethernet connection of TSS module to a windows laptop using the XXX software (jddjd.exe)
  7. in adsecdx or adsecsx start the AO supervisor software with adsc_start (see nnnxnnna), then adsceng
  8. start AdSec GUI and power on the system
  9. check switch and crate BCU for responding (ping swbcudx or swbcusx, ping mbcu0dx or mbcu0sx, ..., ping mbcu5dx or mbcu5sx)
  10. in case the switch BCU does not respond probably it is needed to change the IP address with a direct ethernet connection of the Switch BCU to a windows laptop using the Microgate EngPanel (aaaaa.exe)

  1. before slewing elevation set the overcurrent threshold to the lowest operative elevation (20deg) with the follwomg command from IDL terminal: print, setpistoncurrent(20.0)
  2. close the IDL terminal only using ctrl-D. Never use ctrl-C or exit, the first could stop the IDL process and hang the system, the second exit IDL and hangs the system for sure
-- ArmandoRiccardi - 03 Oct 2011
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