How to setup MsgD peering

Message daemons can communicate between them using a custom "peering" mechanism: each MsgD is identified by a string (called "identity"), connects to all other MsgDs and appears as an ordinary client. If one or more MsgD are not reachable, a polling loop at low frequency (one attempt every 5-10 seconds) is started.

Configuration files

Peering is setup in the msgdrtdb.conf file with two keywords:

ident  <identity>
peers  <identity>:IPaddr[,<identity>:IPaddr[,<identity>:IPaddr]]

Ident: sets this MsgD identity
Peers: lists the MsgDs to connect to, separated by commas. The list must be on a single line and without spaces.

LBT setup

The following identities has been defined at LBT:

adsec computer: ADSEC
Flao WFS computer: FLAOWFS

The ADSEC MsgD peers with all possible WFSs. Each WFS only peers with the ADSEC MsgD.

At LBT, right and left sides do not peer, that is, they are completely independent from each other.

LTB configuration files

on adsecdx: $ADOPT_ROOT/conf/adsec/current/msgdrtdb.conf

ident ADSEC

on wfsdx: $ADOPT_ROOT/conf/wfs/current/msgdrtdb.conf

peers ADSEC:

Similar configuration is used on the left side, with the appropriate IP addresses.

How to check if peering works correctly

The easiest way is to use the "thrdtest" utility to connect to the local MsgD and list the attached clients. The others MsgDs will appear as a client marker with "(Peer)". For example:

[flao@aovm_1 ~]$ thrdtest

THRDTEST: 6.14 [TH](Built: Sep 10 2015 14:46:04) - Dbg lev.:0, quiet, Line edit & history:Yes
Trying to connect to MsgD @

THRDTEST cmd: clist

THRDTEST MsgD client list:
 M_ADSEC (Peer) [Id=1 N.Conn=1] 11.6 (Built: Sep 10 2015 14:41:52) R NW @= Start:2015-09-11 09:24:33.005752

-- AlfioPuglisi - 11 Sep 2015
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