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How to start all the required processes

Workstations used

  • aoserver ( for the WFS. Login ID: labot

  • aospare ( for the AdSec. Login ID: adopt

  • tcstest ( for the TCS (AOS and the rest). Login ID: adopt

Startup WFS (on aoserver)

Hardware power on (in the solar tower):

  • Verify 110V connection to mains.
  • Verify cooling tubes are opened near the W unit
  • Turn on chiller
  • Turn on 110V line from the anti-LEMP circuit: enable item 1 on

Software startup:

  • Login on aoserver (, username labot
  • Execute the script "", this will clean up previous software copies, start up a new copy, and show a security dialog
  • Verify that all three system processes are running and press "Continue"
  • The three main WFS gui will appear: the interface launcher, the Arbitrator GUI and the Hardware GUI.
  • Press "system processes" on the launcher and verify that all processes are up, except for the irtc proxy.

Startup AdSec (on aospare)

  • Login as adopt@aospare

AdSec hardware power on and preliminary checks

  • Verify Test Tower Bench Temperatures from web page:
    • if (P11 and P12 reading are close to setpoint) then open AdSec cooling circuit valves and close bypass
    • if not: WARNING !! goto Ranfagni;
  • Switch circuit breakers on: they are located inside the Tower Laboratory. Switch on sequence: 110V first, then 380V
  • Switch ANTILEMP circuit breakers on, from web page ; enable lines 2, then 3; log off, log on again and verify lines status
    • if (lines 2 and 3 are on (red spots on the web page)) then the remote circuit breakers are correctly switched on
    • if not: WARNING !! goto Ranfagni
  • Ping ADAM and wait for response.
  • End of switching on procedure

Starting AdSec software

  •, from terminal or pushing button on desktop: all active processes are killed, then restarted again;
  • press "Continue"; then press "System Processes";
  • verify whether all processes are running: ATTENTION HOUSEKEEPER led will remain yellow until AdSec is powered on;
  • Processes logs are stored into $ADOPT_LOG folder: such folder is /tmp on aospare

Adsec startup ????? (non ne' gia' partito?)

  • open AdSec Arbitrator GUI and press "PowerOn".
  • Open ILDCTRL log and verify the process completion
  • wait until HOUSEKEEPER led becomes green on System Processes window.
  • Open HOUSEKPR log and verify that HOUSEKEEPER begins logging values.
  • ATTENTION ! : humidity sensors warm-up will result in a series of alarm and warning. Normal conditions will be restablished after warm-up (10 seconds...)
  • Press "LoadProgram" button on AdSec Arbitrator GUI
  • verify from IDLCTRL log if errors are occurred during communication test (Fastlink Alignment):
  • if (num errors > 0) then an automatic reset is processed and an error message is returned: press "LoadProgram" again;
  • else wait for the DSP program to be loaded
  • Press "SetFlatAO"


  • AO GUI: when launched remotely, exports on the remote machine the AO Software and the System Processes GUIs launched during startup. No AO process is executed on aospare. It is launched by typing

Startup AOS/TCS (on tcstest)

  • Login as tcsnew@tcstest.

TCS control commands (More details)

  • netconfig ps: shows subsystems and GUIS and other stuff running
  • netconfig -l: shows subsystem running
  • netconfig start XXX [left]: start sybsystem XXX [on left side]
  • netconfig stop XXX [left]: stop subsystem XXX [on left side]
  • netconfig killl XXX [left]: if the subsystem doesn't stop correctly.

TCS usual start sequence:

  • netconfig start - to start the basic support (must be first command)
  • netconfig start PCS - reequired for coordinate conversions
  • netconfig start IIF - required for commands from the IRTC)
  • netconfig start PSF left - required for Offload modes
  • netconfig start OSS - required for Hexapod control modes
  • netconfig start AOS left
  • OSSGUI &
  • AOSGUI left &
  • IIFGUI &
  • irs & - required to use the IRTC

Using Telemetry

  • Verify if running: ps -ef | grep mysql
  • Enabled by variable

Using the Hexapod

  • Verify that the following processes are running: "OSS" and "PSF left". If not, start them.
  • Start the OSSGUI
  • Click on the secondary mirror icon in the lower left part.
  • Click "Open brakes" and then the "Home" button. Wait for the hexapod to be homed (takes some minutes).
  • Now start PSFGUI
  • Click on "Secondary"
  • Default position of the hexapod is shown in the "Global offsets" panel at the bottom. TT offload commands are shown in the "Active optics" panel at the right.
  • Click on the "Clear active optics" to remove any TT offload command and move the hexapod to the global offset position.

Using the IRTC


  • Open a VNC to the infrared camera server ( Setup the irtc from the Windows interface. Deactivate the Live button.
  • On the same computer, make sure the "R:" disc is mounted.
  • On tcstest, verify that the irs process is running (using "netconfig ps"). If not, start it from the command line and put it in background: "irs &"
  • On aoserver, open a terminal, cd into $ADOPT_SOURCE/scripts and start the irtc proxy: "./"
  • The proxy will write messages on the xterm when frames are requested by the software.
  • Open the IRTC viewer from the WFS interface launcher.


To send command to the IRTC and to the IIF we use the command line utility irc (More on irc commands).

  • irc commands for IIF (to control telescope features)
    • $ irc GetParameter /home/tcs/idl/wfsc/irc/irc_dd.dat
    • $ irc OffsetPointing 0.0, 0.0, 0.5 RADEC MOUNT true REL left

      The file /home/tcs/idl/wfsc/irc/irc_dd.dat contains a list of Data Dictionary variables to retrieve.

  • irc commands for the IRTC
    • $ irc GetFOV
    • $ irc GetImage
    • $ irc GetSeqImages 10

Using the MCSPU simulator

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