High order modes offload:

It must be computed :

_ref_force_null_mean = _ref_force-<_ref_force>

ChCurrAverage _null_mean_60s = Mean( ChCurrAverage-<ChCurrAverage> - (_ref_force- <_ref_force>) , 60s)

OffloadCommandVector = OffloadMatrix ## (ChCurrAverage _null_mean_60s - _ref_force_null_mean)

The OffloadMatrix 672x672 is only known at run time because depends on the reconstructor.

The OffloadMatrixFileName is written in R.ADSEC.HIGHORDEROFFLOAD by IDL during fsm_set_flat, fsm_load_rec, fsm_stop_ao

The _ref_force is written in R.ADSEC.REF_FOR and is already available in FastDiagnostic

Every 60s this vector has to be written in a FITS file named OffloadCommandVectorFitsFile

and if (fsm_state=='AOSet' || fsm_state=='AORun') the IDL function fsm_apply_cmd (OffloadCommandVectorFitsFile) has to be called

No warning/alarm min/max threshold are needed

OffloadCommandVector has to be written in telemetry every 60s

- SL: used defined matrix (mostly constant) -> during AOSet

- AO: unseen reconstructor modes -> during AORun

- Algorithm: from "flat shape", monitor force and periodically send fsm_apply_cmd() corrections.

- INPUT: running mean of 60'' of delta forces from flat

- PROCEDURE: - modal decomposition in FF modes

- delta forces multiplication for given matrix

- apply offload with computed data

Matrix Definitions:

SL: - U' = U (with first n columns zeroed), V' = V (with first n columns zeroed), W' = W with first n diagonal elements zeroed: M = V'(W'^-1)U't

AO: - decompose a given a KL modes KLM2C with SVD and defining U' = U (with non w null values columns zeroed), the matrix is M=U't U'

-- MarcoXompero - 10 Mar 2010
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