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This procedure is intended to be used by Telescope Operators to manage the runtime FLAO software system. For this purpose it can be used standalone on any computer provided with a standard python (2.x) installation and allowed to connect via ssh to the FLAO servers.

Note: because the procedure spawns standard unix commands and requires an X11 server, it is not supported in MS Windows environments (and has never been tested on Mac OS).

Here follows the help page obtained with python      Vers. 1.3            Luca Fini, 25 May, 2015

This file contains standalone functions to manage the FLAO
supervisor procedures.

      python [-v] command [options] 

      -v:    Verbose mode (for debug)

Housekeeping commands:
      env node        Show environment at remote node
      list            Show available builds
      set  build      Set active build
      show            Show active build
      targets         Show the names of AdOpt servers and their roles.

AO commands:
      start adsec|wfs r|l  Start the specified subsystem
      stop adsec|wfs r|l   Stop the specified subsystem
      check adsec|wfs r|l  Check the specified subsystem
      eng adsec|wfs r|l    Starts the engineering GUI on the specified subsystem

Here follows a description of commands:

Housekeeping commands

To be used for various check oof the build installations.

  • env. Show FLAO related environment at given server (for debug purposes)
  • list. List available builds.
  • show. Show currently active build
  • set. Set the specified build as active
  • targets. List the AdOpt servers and their roles.

AO commands

To be used for managing the FLAO Supervisor Software.

  • start. Start the specified subsystem (e.g.: start adsec right)
  • stop. Stop the specified subsystem.
  • check=. Check the specified subsystem
  • eng. Start the engineering GUI of specified subsystem.
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