Dear all,

please find below a short summary of the activities of the 26th related to the AO system.

People at LBTO:

G. Brusa, D. Miller

people working in remote:

A. Riccardi and R. Briguglio (VNC+Skype)

March 26th

Total # of person: 4


Most of the night was lost to high wind speed. The ASM worked well without any significant problem. Doug was given a brief introduction to the ASM operation.

We have confirmed that the problem found yesterday with the small area showing a changing shell to reference body gap whad already been found after the installation of the unit at the telescope. The problem went away at the beginning of the night and (!) came back a bit later. After this new information the general consensus is leaning towards an electrical effect that changes the local calibration of some actuators, probably caused by an erratic behavior of some of the electrical contacts.

Short log:

UT 02:20 dome open shell set at 20 deg elevation.

UT 02:52 the shell was REF-ed to allow to go to horizon and the dome closed due to high wind. The locally larger gap that was found last night and still present at the beginning of the night (before setting the shell) has disappeared…

UT 05:08 The shell REF-ed on its own while the telescope was pointing at 20 deg elevation and dome closed. The locally larger gap (aka ‘ear’) is back!

UT 05:42 Setting the shell again at el 20 deg and dome closed. The shell is now set.

UT 05:54 Tracking object at 73 deg elevation.

UT 06:41 Closing the dome again (because of strong wind). Going to 20 deg elevation.

UT 08:11 Dome still closed due to high wind. ASM running fine.

UT 09:20 Dome still closed due to high wind. ASM running fine.

UT 10:57 Dome still closed due to high wind. ASM running fine.

UT 11:12 ASM was set to rest as there is no hope to open for the rest of the night. The local larger gap ('ear') has disappeared again!



-- ArmandoRiccardi - 02 Apr 2010
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