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please find below a short summary of the activities of 19th on the mountain related to the AO system.

Italian people working at LBTO were:


March 22th

Total # of person: 1

AO control SW

The software activities of today was concentrated on fixing high level GUI behaviors in order to make more simple the use of the adaptive secondary for an unskilled operator. The AdOptControlGUI now is able to easy give access to the unit for basic operations like power cycles and seeing limited setting of the shell. However we found some behavior non correctly managed which put the AOSoftware in a deadlock, and a restart of the entire AOSupervisor software is required (the AOS is not affected). Some other wrong behavior regarding the error handling of the adaptive secondary Finite State Machine was discovered and noted down. In that cases some engineering GUI is still required for solving the problem.

It was found a discrepancy in the unit of measure describing the Zernike modes applied to the secondary by AOSupervisor software and the corrections applied to the primary by PCS.


The unit lost today two more external actuators and the total amount of non working actuators rises to 33. Some minor fixing was done in the configuration file in order to reduce the flattening force changing due to the reduced actuator set. The shell was set and kepts flat without any problem for the entire night. John Hill discovered a correlation between the elevation angle and the astigmatism (Z6) applied to the shell. The issue was managed developping a look up table and embedding the astigmatism application during the high order offload correction (20'' duty cycle). The algorithm has been verified in the telescope enviroment but need confimation into the sky.



-- ArmandoRiccardi - 02 Apr 2010
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