Dear all,

please find below a short summary of the activities of 19th on the mountain related to the AO system.

Italian people working at LBTO were:

L.Fini, M.Xompero

March 20th

Total # of person: 2

AO control SW

We have spent the afternoon reviewing and modifying the AO Arbitrator to correct, at least partially, the most annoying inconsistencies. We focused on a small modification to the FSM so that it can represent the hardware behavior more closely, and on the improvement of the error and information messages sent to the AOS. The code has been reviewed and modified, but it still must be tested. We attempted a preliminary test in simulation mode, but it proved to be both difficult and hardly significant. We are planning to perform the test in the real environment tomorrow afternoon before the commissioning night activity.

A few improvements were made to the setup and installation procedures.

We have also started to modify some of the engineering GUI's to improve the amount of information available.

The AOS is being upgraded to improve the quality of logging messages.


We have developed a couple of procedures to as workarounds for the flattening of the mirror despite the area with bad actuators.

Today we did not see relevant problems with the mirror, although it is not clear why this happened. So we could only test the algorihms by using measures taken previously.


Marco, Luca

-- ArmandoRiccardi - 02 Apr 2010
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