Dear all,

please find below a short summary of the activities of 19th on the mountain related to the AO system.

Italian people working at LBTO were:

L.Fini, M.Xompero

March 19th

Total # of person: 2

AO control SW

We revised the procedure to make it more user friendly. It requires some further enhancement.

The AdOptControl GUI has been modified to add two buttons to the AdSec ssection. This allows to split the set up procedure in two (power-on, mirror set) and the shutdown procedure in mirror rest, power-off.

As a consequence the AOArbitrator FSM was also modified. During the first test of the TCS AO3 build (see below) we discovered further problems in the same FSM. We have modified it in a preliminary way to allow the minimum amount of functionality needed for the seeing-limited operations. We will try to make it operational in the next few days.


The mirror has been successfully set at a windspeed of 12 m/s.

The behaviour of the AdSec is badly affected by the actuators removed in the past days. They probably affect the performances of an entire DSP board. The bad actuators showed to be either unstable or in a wrong state. We noticed in the past that the problem was thermal related. Moreover the set up of TSS affects the capsens reading on the above mentioned DSP board.
The problem seems to be independent on elevation. All these piece of info suggest that it could be a grounding problem on external actuators.

Currently the unit cannot be accessed for verification or reparing, and the problem prevents to use the calibrated flat.

We are investigating some software patch to override temporarily the issue and continue to support the AGw commissioning.

Test TCS AO3

During the night the LBTO software team was performing a complete test of TCS build AO3 which includes a working version of AOS. Tests related to AOS were not very successful. The AO system can be used for seeing limited operations, but statuses (including failures) are not correctly reported to AOS. The problem is not due to the AOS itself but is related to the AO arbitrator FSM (see above).

Marco e Luca

-- ArmandoRiccardi - 02 Apr 2010
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