FLAO#2 Acceptance test Action Items

Priority levels

  • 0: before dismounting the FLAO#2 system from the tower (currently scheduled on 23/May)
  • 1: before start of FLAO#1/PISCES night-time run (9/Jun)
  • 2: before shipping of FLAO#2 (15/Jun)
  • 3: before installation of FLAO#2 (beginning Sep)

System Action Items (Guido)

Only the actions assigned to Arcetri are listed

AI# Descriprion Status Responsible Priority Due date Notes
01 Should we have the ASM set while the swing arm is retracted? Closed (answ:yes) AR   By installation date Yes. Confirmation has been given also from ADS by email (Gallieni's emal on 17 May). Software implementation within Doug's AI#12
02 Should we have the ASM set while the swing arm is being deployed or retracted (moving)? Closed AR   By installation date No. Setting will be avoided by software during swing-arm movin. Software implementation within Doug's AI#12
05 Find out what happened during the acceptance test on May 12, 2011 at 9:50am. The control software reported that the IDL license failed but after issuing a recover-fail the ASM was found ready to go. Closed     By shipping date It was found the next day that: “The first power-on command went thorough and ASM ready to go and then IDL server failed. We do not know why the IDL server failed… However all the diagnostic processes were still up and running and therefore the shell was safe.”
06 Find out why the IDL license server failed on May 12, 2011 at 9:50 AM (see also AI 5).       By shipping date  
07 Provide a software mechanism to check if the CCD39 is saturated and return an error before attempting to start the AO loop (also in Doug’s list as AI 28).       By installation date  
09 Test 12.3 (System optical throughput) needs to be performed       By shipping date  
10 Provide a calibration plan document       By shipping date  

Software Action Items (Doug)

For an extended description of each Action Item see 640s013b by Doug Miller.

Closed means implemented and debugged.

AI# Descriprion Status Responsible Priority Due date
01 Display Lab Mode on AOS GUI Closed LF    
02 Display power on progress of AdSec on AOS GUI Closed MX    
03 Timeout for StartAdSec on AOS GUI is too short Closed LF    
04 Display progress of setting of AdSec on AOS GUI Closed MX-LF    
05 Automatic selection of flat for the current Authorized Instrument   LF    
06 Automatic selection of slope null for the current Authorize Instrument   AP    
07 Display when TSS is "Activated" on AOS GUI Closed JA-MX  
08 Display progress of power on of wfsc on AOS GUI Closed LF    
09 Confirmation message box for On/Off of AdSec and W unit on AOS GUI Closed LF    
10 Implement automatic “Recover Fail” for all failures        
11 WFS Arbitrator died for unknown reason        
12 Allow setting of AdSec with M2 swing arm retracted Closed LF    
13 Change swing arm status from binary value to string label        
14 Determination of Safe Operation of TSS Closed MX    
15 Change to w_start and w_check routines        
16 Set timeout or max retries for moving the camera lens        
17 Increase timeout in AOS for acquireRefAO request. Closed LF    
18 Display Adsec and WFS are in “Lab Mode” on the AOS GUI. Closed      
19 Display progress of AdSec “Rest” on AOS GUI Closed MX    
20 Display power off progress of AdSec on AOS GUI Closed MX    
21 Adsec Arbitrator should check the flat filename path Partially done AP    
22 Flat s Shape not displayed on AOS GUI   AP    
23 Adsec Arbitrator should check the flat filename suffix        
24 Set Mode label on AOS GUI should be set to “Fix_AO” after AdSec “Set”   LF    
25 Error message on AOS GUI when flat file is not found   MX    
26 adsc, w_stop should also kill WFS and AdSec engineering GUI’s.        
27 Document How to Change Default Flat        
28 Return and error if measured brightness is 2 mags larger than expected        
29 Fix problem adjusting CCD39 bias levels        
30 Received “CCD39 not Ready” error      
31 AO status on AOS GUI after failed acquireRefAO is incorrect        
32 AcquireRefAO continued even after Secondary Ripped        
33 “Set” button available on AOS GUI while “Recover Fail” in progress        
34 Clear PresetFlat failure label on AOS Command GUI Closed LF    
35 Send more informative “Shell Ripped” error message to TCS log   MX    
36 AOS GUI should reject rather than queue button clicks Closed Standard behaviour    
37 Improve intensity cut on Field Viewer on AOS GUI        
38 Add a date and time to the AOSGUI Messages Closed LF    
39 Add a scroll bar (up/down, left/right) to AOS GUI message display Closed LF    
40 Test acquireRefAO with repoint flag on sky        
41 Put moved values in the WFS log rather than measured        
42 Add more information in .events file for maximum skipframe exceeded   LF    
43 Autoscale Count –vs- time graph in up direction only on AOS GUI Closed LF    
44 Set original scale of Count –vs- time graph on AOS GUI Closed LF    
45 Fix Current/Acquisition button on AOS GUI Closed LF    
46 Offload T/T/F values on AOS GUI not updating Closed LF    
47 Improve error message for failed resumeAO request        
48 Increase AOS timeout for offsetXYAO Closed LF    
49 Apply curved focal plane stage Z-shift for W-unit        
50 Implement RefineAO Command   NO!!    
51 Implement CorrectModesAO in WFS arbitrator        
52 Increase timeout in AOS for CorrectModesAO        
53 Fix the AOS GUI display of ModifyAO parameters Closed LF   By shipping time
54 Fix conflict of auto-drift routine and ModifyAO request        
55 Change AO Command Document        
56 Error not return to AOS when presetAO failed Closed LF    
57 Send better error message when acquireRefAO fails        
58 Determine cause of Mode=1.0E10 error   MX    
59 Parallelize the acquisition of darks on CCD39 and CCD47        
60 Add parameter checking to AOS Command GUI        
61 AO Arbitrator did not re-sync after network loss test        
62 Shell Ripped on network loss test, should have remained Flat   MX-AP    
63 NAN slopes sent from WFS after reconnect to Slope BCU        
64 Low Level AO System Errors in TCS Event Log Closed LF    
65 Error homing WFS XYZ stages        
66 Display SkipFrame Percentage on AOS GUI and “Warning”        
67 AOS GUI does not display WFS “On” after WFS Arbitrator restart        
68 Incorrect AO Status on AOS GUI after loop opened for skipframe max        
69 AdSec Ripped for lost star in bin=4 mode   MX    
70 Determine performance parameter in Graph on AOS GUI        
71 AOS GUI Graph Vectors into Telemetry        
72 Return information to IIF about what system timeout was from        
73 Make timeout in AOS for presetAO longer Closed LF    
74 Disconnect of fiber from WFS Slope BCU to the AdSec now detected   AP    
75 Convert offsetXYAO arguments from arcsec to mm NO!      
76 Status of Adaptive Secondary Mirror Telemetry, Document   AR    
-- ArmandoRiccardi - 17 May 2011
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