actuator DSP#510 reset shell-> removed from ICC

actuators DSP#260.261,262 died after RR installation

actuators #DSP 413 removed from ICC

found problem on setting in act 30 ring 10(departing from 1)

found problem @ horizon with act 52 ring 14(departing from 1) (358 dsp): driving high current when applying a flattening command (ctrl current integrator?). The same problem happens also not at horizon. To be removed from ICC.

DSP#358 removed from icc

- removed external actuator DSP#244 (caused shell rip)-> shell set with no problems.

-TELESCOPE ZENITH: Wed Mar 17 19:47:27 GMT 2010

- shell RIP @ 20:41:50

- Telescope zenith but probably was previous gon to the horizon. Wed Mar 17 21:42:37 GMT 2010

- act DSP#595 died; 467 jumping, 486 jumping -> removed shell successfully set and ramped gains.

FUNCTEMERGENCYST > CHCURRAVERAGE-0606 = -0.797188--> 606 removed from ICC

removed #dsp 340-341-342 from ICC (problem @horizon ---> removed from act_w_cl)

-- MarcoXompero - 13 Mar 2010
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