Features common to all processes

All Supervisor processes should have the following features:
  • Accept the -h switch (and provide help)
  • Accept the -i identity switch to select the identity. Identity is a string which is used to compose the MsgD name of the process (together with either -s or -m, see below). The MsgD name is then used to select the config file and to determine the log file name. When the switch is not provided the process will use a default identity.
  • At the beginning each process must call SetVersion(VERSMAJ,VERSMIN) (the version numbers must be properly updated when modifyng the code)

When processes are derived from the AOApp class, the -i switch is handled automatically.

Selection of config file and log file names.

Each running process may have a configuration file and a log file associated. Their names are generated fron the identity as follows:
  • Configuration file:
    where confdir is the directory path specified by the ADOPT_ROOT environment variable
  • Log file:
    where logdir is the directory path specified by theADOPT_LOG environment variable
  • Telemetry file:
    where logdir is the directory path specified by the ADOPT_LOG environment variable
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