Result of data analysis

The file containing the data is: /towerdata/adsec_calib/report_pic/flao2_acctest/sl_test_result.sav

content of the file:

MEMO STRUCT -> <Anonymous> Array[1]
TEST0 STRUCT -> <Anonymous> Array[1]
TEST1 STRUCT -> <Anonymous> Array[1]
TEST2 STRUCT -> <Anonymous> Array[1]
TEST3 STRUCT -> <Anonymous> Array[1]
TEST4 STRUCT -> <Anonymous> Array[1]

MEMO is the starting structure, containing the data file path and tracknum

TESTx is a structure containing, for any of the selected shape to be tested, the test result.

help, result.test0, /str

LOAD_SHAPE FLOAT Array[672] is the shape loaded from the file (result of a flattening procedure, with optical feedback)
RES_SHAPE FLOAT Array[672] is the result of the load_shape procedure (i.e. modal cut etc)
FLAT_SHAPE DOUBLE Array[672] is the position corresponding to the optical flat with the WFS. 4000 mirror frames averaged, two cloop averaged
WCL BYTE Array[650] is the intersection between the act_w_cl at the epoch of the flat calibration and the actual act_w_cl set
DELTATEMP FLOAT 12.0 is the temperature difference between the flattening calibration epoch, and the test one
DELTAEPOCH DOUBLE 28.554942 is the time gap (day) between the flattening calibration epoch and the test one

Tracknum of seeing_limited mode test

Applied Shape Result of Load_Shape, autosaved file Loop Tracknum Notes
20110411_500modes.sav 20110509_124725_stability_20110411_500modes.sav



No offload??
20110411_500modes.sav 20110509_125801_stability_20110411_500modes.sav



No offload??
20110411_500modes.sav 20110509_131722_stability_20110411_500modes.sav 20110509_131821  
20110411_500modes.sav 20110509_131922_stability_20110411_500modes.sav



20101123_143507 20110509_130615_stability_flattening_result.sav



20101124_210021 20110509_130932_stability_flattening_result.sav



20101126_194959 20110509_131239_stability_flattening_result.sav



20110314_083002 20110509_131506_stability_flattening_result.sav




The Optical interaction matrix needed to compute OPDs from the acts positions is in this file:


a description of the file content is given at the bottom of the page (important note)

Resume of formal results, to be shown during the commissioning test

List of formal flats
Calib Temp Flat Id Tracknum n act w cl telem Tracknum start telem Tracknum stop
T0 F0 20101123_143507 653    
T1 F1 20101124_210021 653    
T2 F2 20101126_194959 653    

Other remarkable flattening commands

List of flats
Calib Temp Tracknum n act w cl notes telem Tracknum start telem Tracknum stop
T0 20101203_111329 646      
T0 20101216_104217 645 FQP's 51x    
T0 20101222_095227 645 FQP's 51x    
T0 20110314_083002 650 FQP's 51x    

Resume of flattening with Sperical Aberration added

Tracknum n act w cl telem Tracknum start telem Tracknum stop
20101222_123120 650    

Important note

The interaction matrix (collection of OPDs) that produced each flattening is stored in the file, as int_mat. The associated file i saved as well as flattening_file

The reduced OPD in the int mat may be extracted as follows:


opd[intersect_mask_idx]= int_mat[num_mode,*]
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