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Probes mapping on the unit

all accessible probes described in "final scheme 12/10/2007" (for unit A) have been verified to be according the same scheme of unit A,

The only verified difference is on the Flow-meter:</BR>
Flowmeter is read on Crate#0, Humidityin unit B (it is on crate #1 on unit A)

That requires a change for the Housekeeper software that was written on the unit A mapping.

Housekeeper mapping

Variable Position
External temperature Mean of(Crate 2 Out1; Crate 5 Out1)=Humidity probes temperat sensors
InnerStructTemp Crate5 Out1
WaterMainIn Crate 2 Out 0
WaterMainOut Crate 4 Out 0
WaterCpIn Mean of CpIn (Crate 0 In 1, Crate 1 Out0)
WaterCpOut Mean of CpOut (Crate 1 In 1, Crate 1 Out 1)
Crate 4 In 1 (Cold Plate Extern) is disconnected or broken (reads 77°C, means infinity resistance)


  • Change the Housekeeper software for handling different source of flow-meter signal for different units
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