LBT672B integration in Clean Room (1 Jul 2011)

Arrival to the mountain of Runa and Armando. Mario (MG) was already here.

Safety Logic Board (TSS)

The TSS was always enabled regardless to the status of the TSS_enabled flag in ADAM. This misbehavior was found during the acceptance test in Arcetri

After debugging two component were replaced: diode D11, and transistor Q9. Visual inspection showed D11 clearly damaged.

After component substitution the board has been tested and worked correctly.

The spare safety board was brought by Microgate after fixing (see LBT672A, sep 2010). The board was fixed substituting diode D11.

To verify the functionality of the spare board, it has been mounted on the TSS module and successfully tested. The board has been left in the TSS module. The original board becomes the spare.

Trunk Fiber installation

The original fiber is too short with the current arrangement of the clean room. No single fiber available with required length. Temporary a set of extensions have been used.

in LIU-0106: ST connectors, Blade #4, position #5 (receiver, no light) and #6 (transmitter, light)

on Cisco Switch: trunk port, LC connector: A is transmitter (light), right hole in the tranceiver

Fiber tested: Adam answers to ping from adsecsx: OK

-- RunaBriguglio - 01 Jul 2011
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