-- RunaBriguglio - 28 Aug 2012

act #201 removed from pos in IDL code (it was removed only in fastdiagn)

act#117 removed from curr in IDL code (it was removed only in fastdiagn)

Moxa default state test

we tested output#3,4 and 7 (driver enable, tss disable and main power)

they work as expected from the configuration (driver off, tss enabled, main power off)

Moxa watchdog test

tested by killing the adamhousekeeper and /or removing the ethernet cable:

the unit is automatically powered off

when the cable is re-connected the unit is NOT switched on again

Spi Current test

to check the application of TSS

20120828_153833: TSS not applied

20120828_154253: TSS applied

it works

Slew test

starting at 20120828_164540

stop at 20120828_165600 nothing to be noticed from FastDiagn
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