Shell set @ 1436 UT.

Tested for low order self-oscillations: it seems not to be present. (noise spectrums: 20111121_144857, 20111121_145215)

Check for: poles and RR segments. all ok (struts removed and segments bolted)

Slewing test since 15.15 to 15:29 UT: 10 slews -> all ok.

Test for low order self-oscillations: 20111121_153135, 20111121_153156 -> found in xxx35

Decimation 30: 20111121_154343, 20111121_154520 -> show only large drifts.

Step responses:: seems ok -> oscillation only first modes. ---> modes 25, 50 to be compared

Modal ff matrix acquisition (20 steps) started at 20111121_160344. aborted @162109 but with no evidence!!!! -> force Rest due to IDL licence missing

Restarted a 10 steps run: @1626 :-> again timeout on idl license.

Restarted a 10 steps run: @20111121_165149

Sampling successfully completed

Slewing test

start 20111121_184400

stop 20111121_185430

no errors, no warnings, nothing to be mentioned

then the system has been powered off and the cooling line closed

-- MarcoXompero - 21 Nov 2011
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