FF measuremets:

ZONAL: 20110821_185808 3x

MODAL: 20110821_193504, 20110821_200628, 20110821_231228 (10x)

MODAL (2d):20110822_114317(10x), 20110822_143812(15x)

Verification algorithm for filtering out bad FF matrix measurements.

Flattening routine patched for mismatching CLactuators and tilt removal on request.

Found problem on act 183 -> issue related to upgrade sw for apply flat shape to the shell with no matching closed loop actuators.

Start slewing test @ shell set departing from time: Mon Aug 22 17:20:00 (PC time) starting from zenith.

- after 5 deg act DSP#264 went to 2[m]. Back to zenith, tried again.

- after 5 deg act around DSP#349 (deep analysis identified actuators DSP# 336 346 351 448) with high forces, indicating jumps in position readings. The same zone was identified as critical in the feed-forward matrix acquisition.

- continuing slewing, after few degrees the act DSP#584 had a spot bad readings (>2m)

- going back to zenith we found jumping capsens on DSP# 139 (320um) 264(>2m) 640(>2m).

- started slew test with shell RIP: identified 4 more actuators with spot bad readings (DSP #227 (>2m), 509(>2m), 362(>2m), 361(190um)

The total list of actuators removed in the slew test is [139, 227, 264, 361,362, 509, 584, 640], all with spot readings bigger than 2m but 361 (190um) and 139 (320um).

Started new slew test @ shell set from zenith, time: Mon Aug 22 18:15:26 GMT 2011

- Found large peak forces around actuators DSP#584 and around DSP#139 and more not yet identified in position.

- Found DSP#459 with bad capacitive sensor readings but not identified yet.

Test end @:Mon Aug 22 18:18:14 GMT 2011

Tested with reference capacitor actuators DSP# 264, 227, 362 with 3 slew each. Never seen a capacitive sensor jumps.

One note: when the reference capacitor put the capsens ring to ground throught coil for bad insertion, the position read is >2m.

-- MarcoXompero - 22 Aug 2011
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