-- RunaBriguglio - 27 Sep 2011

Preliminary procedure:

  1. for any elevation, capture an image with the 4D interferometer
  2. save the data including: img, mask, elevation
  3. compute a zernike fit (surf_fit[1,2,3,4,5,6], zcoeff=zz) & zern5=zz[4]
  4. iterate untile a full measurements cycle is completed
  5. save zern5, elev in a file in meas/astig/tracknum/astig_lut.sav
  6. copy the file in calib/...../data/astig_lut.sav
data are saved in the calibration file in the form:
  • elev (elevation, degrees, double)
  • zern5 (zernike term 5 =Z5, m RMS over the pupil, WaveFront as measured by the interferometer and RRoptics, wedge=0.5)
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