AOS-GUI Prototype

NB: The AOS-GUI refers to the operator GUI at the telescope. It doesn't include engineering and troubleshooting GUI's.

Status Panel

This is the main panel used in the GUI, most likely the only one any operator/observer will ever use.

With reference to the figure below, top-down, here follows a list of GUI elements:

  • Logo
  • Title: shows also the related telescope side
  • AOS status
WFS Section
  • Status: Enabled/Disabled. Shows wether the AGW WFS is in use.
  • Technical viewer image. (when available)
  • CCD Configuration. Binning, Frequency, CCD Counts (A time plot of the last 5 minutes)
Adaptive Secondary Section
  • Mode: FIX-AO/TIP-TILT/ACE-AO. Color encodes normal/warning/error
  • Status: messages from the AdSec subsystem
AO Loop Section
  • Status: OPEN/CLOSED
  • Modes: Num.Corrected Modes
  • Offload: Three values for Tilt,Defocus,Coma
  • Sthrel: Estmated image quality (time plot of last 5 minutes)
Command section

Shows the last command sent from Intrument software or TCS
Info section

Shows the events received from TCS


Operating Panel

A secondary panel (usually disabled) which allows to send operating commands to the AOS (picture not available, yet)

In the first version it will allow any command from the set defined for the AOS and will be used for troubleshooting during the commissioning phase, After commissioning, it will display only some of the commands which may be useful during observation to allow special modes of operation.

It contains a list of buttons with associated entry widget for parameters. Here follows the full list of operations:

  • StartOBS
  • PresetFlat - 1string argument
  • PresetAO - 10 arguments
  • AcquireRefAO
  • StartAO
  • RefineAO - 1 string argument
  • OffsetXY - 2 float arguments
  • OffsetZ - 1 float argument
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Stop
  • Terminate
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