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Reference position of PSF and Pupil in TV and HO branches of W

On 13 Jul 07 AT wrote a complete alignment procedure BoardAlignment.

On page 54, files PSF_TW1.tif has max in [234,93] and file thorlabs_PUP_130707_xx.tif has max in [554.4, 390]

Move stages to center the right spot of EDC1000 in [234,93] to be in the reference position.


NOTE: the flowerpot cube rotator has two homing switches, of which only one is valid (the one with the cubeholder structure away from the board). After the automatic poweron (which includes a homing procedure) a manual homing command must be given through the engineering GUI.

  • Cube stage: -9.53 mm (automatically set at poweron)
  • Cube rotator: +59.6 degrees (90 degrees less than the position automatically set at poweron)

Dummy lucifer window

Micrometers position:

  • x = 3.44
  • y = 3.46


  • Hexapod actual kinematic axes on Paul's GUI:

X pos Y pos Z pos
0.0 -463.0* 0.0
Alpha Beta Gamma
89.8 -124.0 0.0

* give an ABS. Ypos command of 20 to achieve this position, due to Beta-Y crosstalk.

This corresponds to the following leg lengths:
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
3814 -887 - 206 4213 -3637 -3352

WFS stages

Filter wheels

  • filter wheel #1: filter #3 (most light to TV)
  • filter wheel #2: filter #1 (hole)

Other filters would work, but there is some tilt between them.

Flowerpot-board alignment (without tube):

Position of the Cube Beam splitter:

  • cube rotator at 149.9 deg (automatically set after poweron)
  • cube stage at 7.3 mm

Positions from standard homing position (negative limit switches):

  • X stage at +35.00 mm
  • Y stage at +33.75 mm
  • Z stage at +50.0 mm

Camera Lens parameters:

  • X = 6.3 um
  • Y = 34.2 um

Tip Tilt parameters:

  • Phase angle at -6 deg (to have X and Y axis of Hig Level GUI parallel and perpendicular with respect WFS board)
  • Voltages = 5,5,5 V in Low Level GUI --> 0,0 in High level GUI
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