Action items from software acceptance test.

Based on Software Acceptance Test Plan - rev j.

See pdf document in attachment for details.

Phase 1

N Action Item Status
1 12 Hour SeeingLmtd Test Done
2 WFS Stage Communication Problem Done
3 Timeout for WFS Shutdown Done
4 Fast Diagnostic Death Done
5 Confirm Flat is Applied by StopAO Done
6 Confirm two AdSec buffers are cleared on StopAO Done
7 Determine Maximum OffsetXYAO in Closed Loop Done
8 Lengthen WFS Supervisor Timeout for Open Loop OffsetZ Done
9 AO System put into Standalone on successful OffsetZ Done
10 Correct AOS timeout for large OffsetZ Duplicate
11 CVS tag at the end of Acceptance Test Done
12 Archive AdSec firmware used during Acceptance Test Done
13 Archive recon. matrices used during Acceptance Test Done
14 Archive AO and TCS Log from the Acceptance Test Done
15 Solar Tower network configuration diagram Done
16 Test mountain IP addresses in the Solar Tower Done
17 Test Operation as right side of full AO System Done

Phase 2

N Action Item Status
1 Log File for Display Open
2 Process Startup Check Done
3 Remove Hex Ctrl from GUI Done
4 Display and Log Process Startup Info AdSec Open
5 Display and Log Process Startup Info for WFS Open
6 HouseKeeping “X” Button to Exit Open
7 TSS activation status on GUI Done
8 Coil activation status on GUI Done
9 Automatic management of TSS operation Done
10 AOS connection status display on GUI Done
11 TV update rate on GUI Done
12 mVar process not updating AOSGUI Done
13 AOS display instrument on startup Done
14 Display gain on AOSGUI Done
15 Correct TV orientation on AOSGUI Done
16 Add North/East vane on AOSGUi Done
17 TV image not always updating Done
18 Increase number of scrollback lines Done
19 Shutdown also kills WFS and AdSec GUIs Open
20 AOS display flat on startup Done
21 Correct flat applied on New Instrument authorization Done
22 Failed PresetAO returns to SeeingLmtd mode Done
23 Write in Logs the reason for RIPped shell Open
24 Improved recovery procedure for RIPped shell Done
25 Write more AcquireRef info to Log Done
26 Incorrect Ref Star Magnitude in Log Done
27 Change Offload Message in Log Done
28 Stop Offloading Modes when in SkipFrame mode Done
29 PauseAO timeout in AOS too short Done
30 Clear failure and success field on AOSGUI Done
31 OffsetZ timeout too short Done
32 Check R limit for OffsetXY Done
33 Remove “No Error” from ModifyAO return string Done
34 Change AO command document Open
35 Parameter conversion from string to integer Done
36 Out of range parameter set to 0 Done
37 Fix Message Daemon Done
38 AdSec safety when W-unit communication is lost Done
39 Low Level AO System Errors in TCS Event Log Open
40 AcquireRefAO sometimes times out Done
41 Display SkipFrame percentage on AOSGUI Open
42 Display RIPped shell status on AOS GUI Done
43 ACE-AO Default Mode on AOSGUI Done
44 AO Network configuration diagram at LBTO Done
45 AO Supervisor SW in LBTO SVN repository Done

Phase 3

N Action Item Status
1 Process startup on AdOpt control GUI Done
2 Camera button labels Done
3 Automate pupil centering procedure Done
4 Document how to change default flat Open
5 Reduce AcquireRefAO execution time Done
6 Modify AcquireRefAO to also re-point telescope Done
7 Add flag to Offload Mode telemetry stream Done
8 Write Offload Mode info in TCS event log Done
9 Tune Reference Star finding routine Done
10 Red blocks remain on AOS GUI Done
11 Scrollbar on message Log window Done
12 Display current values of AO System when AOS Starts Done
13 “Enter” Button Closes AOS Command GUI Done
14 Display of TV on AOS GUI stopped Done
15 Units of the display of T/T/F on AOS GUI Done
16 Display of AdSec status on AOS GUI Done
17 N. Modes field not used Done
18 Placement of freq in TT Modul field Done
19 QT Errors from AOS GUI Done
20 AOS GUI sometimes freezes displaying TV images Done
21 Update of Modes on Main AOS GUI Done
22 Photon/Sub Label in graph on AOS GUI Done
23 Performance parameter in graph on AOS GUI Open
24 AOS GUI graph vectors into DD Open
25 AOS GUI graph vectors into Telemetry Open
26 Red background in AOS command GUI Done

Phase 4

N Action Item Status
1 Determination of safe operation of TSS Done
2 Implement RefineAO command Open
3 Implement CorrectModesAO command in AOS Done
4 “Quick Restart” after SkipFrames Done
5 Recovery from RIPped shell button on AdoptCtrl GUI Done
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