-- JamesHoward - 15 Jun 2007

Mirror Cover Interference with the M3 Swing Arm

It has been confirmed that the M3 swing arm is in the right place in Z. I built a model from the drawings of the C-ring, the M3 swing arm, the M3 unit, and the mirror cell. I put them all where they are supposed to be, and the resulting gap between the M3 swing arm and the mirror cell matches our measurements in Figure 19 of 727s156a exactly. I am most impressed. See 727s157a.

I took our model of the mirror cover, and placed it so the lowest point was 12 mm above the mirror cell. I then introduced the 32 mm of sag in Z reported on page 6 of 727s201b. In reality, since the sag was not measured at the hub, but about 1.25 meters closer to the mirror cover pivot, the number should be higher than 32 mm. The attached jpegs show the resulting interference. The bottom of the M3 knuckle pin has 42 mm of interference with the top of the mirror cover. The bottom of 543x036, articulation beam to joint O (in black), interferes by 27.5 mm. Please note that these measurements do not include the blades of the cover.

The conclusion is the mirror cover will not fit without modification.

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