Where Is That Data File, Log File, Parameter File Located

A guide to finding your way around the disks at LBTO

J. M. Hill

Where is the data?

Instrument and IRTC images in /newdata

Almost all data from instruments and IRTC goes to the /newdata disk on the data archive machine.

After ingestion by the archive, the data are copied to /Repository/[date] for intermediate term storage.

Both /newdata and /Repository are read-only filesystems. They are NFS-mounted disks so they are visible from all machines.

Issue: IRTC image cubes have a problem with missing EOFs in the FITS file, so they sometimes get copied into the archive warning directory rather than /Repository during the day.

Guider, Acquisition and WFS images from GCS

AGw images collected by GCS wind up in /Repository/[date]/GCS/. These include guider images, acquisition images and WFS images. Those same images for the current night also can be found in /Repository/GCSfiles/dailyimages/.

Guider and WFS images from the command line or IDL

GCS can also be asked to take images from the command line, or from IDL scripts. These images get written to /lbt/tcs_data/./[right|left]_[guider|wfs]nnnnnn.fits. For example, if a right side guider image is taken by user telescope it could be /lbt/tcs_data/telescope.20150827/right_guider000001.fits. By tradition these images live in /OldRepository/AGW_Data/[date] (no longer exists, October 2015)

Where are the TCS logfiles?

TCS log files and event files are in /lbt/log/[year]/[month]/

Logfiles from TCS subsystems live in /lbt/log/ and are then sorted in directories by year and month. These are NFS mounted disks so they are visible from all machines.

The active log file is linked as /lbt/log/current.log. The active event file is linked as /lbt/log/current.events .

Since Oct 2012 irc commands log to the TCS log file .

For the new 64-bit machines, the logfiles live at /lbt/data/logs/tcs/[yyyy]/[mm]/ .

Where are the parameter files?

Note: Just because we've told you where the files live doesn't mean that you should change them.

TCS software configuration

General TCS software configuration files live in /lbt/tcs/current/<sub>/etc. tcs.conf is in /lbt/tcs/current/tcs/etc. This should only be changed by members of the software group.

For the new 64-bit machines, the configuration files live at /lbt/data/config/tcs/ . These can only be changed on the tcs machines.


PCS configuration files useful to astronomers live in /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PCS/ These include pointing models and focal station configuration parameters.


PSF configuration files useful to astronomers live in /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PSF/ These include collimation model files for each focal station.


GCS configuration files for each instrument/focal station live in /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/GCS/ The configuration file for IRTC at RFBG is LUCI_IRTC_R.cfg.


Potsdam AGW parameter files live in /lbt/oacontrol/current/etc on the oac computer, not the obs machines or TCS cluster machines, even though those computers have the oacontrol files installed.


IRAF scripts and parameters live in /home/LBTO/iraf (or the corresponding user directory). The master version of the LBTtools.IRTC package lives in /home/dthompson/iraf/LBTtools/


Doug's AOwithIDL package lives in /home/LBTO/idl/

What is the difference between TCS Log, Event Log, Data Archive, CAN Archive, Telemetry?

The definitions in LBT lingo:

a) LBTO CAN Archive for Drawings & Documents (dwg,doc,xls,etc)

b) LBTO Data Archive for Science Data (fits images)

c) TCS Event Log from LSS Subsystem (flat file of timestamped events)

d) TCS SysLog (flat file of timestamped SysLog output)

e) LBTO TELemetry SubSystem (vast quantities of telescope & instrument system data)

f) SVN Software Repository (version controlled code and parameter files), now replaced with Github.

-- JohnHill - 24 Mar 2010
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