Instructions to mirror a mountain display downtown with VNC

2017 Instructions

/lbt/observer/bin/scry then select the machine you want to mirror.

Old instructions from 2008 = obsolete

version 16-MAY-2008

These are J. Hill's instructions that were derived from some combination of S. Hooper and N. Cushing instructions.

We assume mountain machine lbtmu05 and downtown machine lbtdu16 in this example.

1) Log onto the mountain workstation where user LBTO is already logged in.

(in an xterm window on the downtown machine)

ssh yourself@lbtssh

ssh LBTO@lbtmu05

(now you are LBTO logged in on lbtmu05)

2) start VNC viewer on the downtown workstation where you are already logged in

(in another xterm window on the downtown machine)

vncviewer -display :0 -listen 3

(Note that the "3" corresponds to the port "5503" in the x11vnc command.)

3) Start the VNC server on the mountain machine

x11vnc -auth /home/LBTO/.Xauthority -display :0 -connect -scale 15/16 -viewonly -rfbauth /home/LBTO/.vnc/passwd

4) Enter password at prompt

You will be prompted for user LBTO's password by vncviewer on the downtown machine, and then a big x-window with an image of the mountain screen should appear.

(If you don't want a password, you can substitute "-nopw" for "-rfbauth /home/LBTO/.vnc/passwd" in the x11vnc command.)


Warning: This VNC mirroring uses a large fraction of the total bandwidth off the mountain, so don't leave it running unnecessarily.

-- JohnHill - 17 May 2008
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