Transform_Process_Set Flags

IDL> transform_process_set, /help
    Reads the passed log file, processes the focal plane images (LUCI or MODS) and determines
      the guide probe transformation for PCS_X,Y -> AGw_X/Y
    The transformation coeffiecents are written in the file:
    Required Arguments:
       filename: name of the log file with pcs, agw and luci information (written by
          ex. 'rfbg.log'
       set: structure variable with transformation data set information
       transform: transformation configuration parameter for this focal station
       retval: return value (0=success, -1=failure)
          ex. transform_process_set, 'rfbg.log', set, transform, retval
    The usual execution of this command for the off-axis AGw transformation is:
          ex. transform_process_set, 'rfbg.log', set, transform, retval, /PT_MASK, /DISPLAY, /FWHM, /SHOW_CENTER
    Optional Arguments
            Transform calculation arguements:
       /FORCE       Forces the re-processing of focal plane image (otherwise, once processed, IDL .sav files are read
       /PT_MASK     Correct the position of the target by the measured pointing mask motion
       /CORNERS     Correct the position of the target by the measured N30 mask corners motions
       /ORIGINAL    Calculate from the measured data the AGw transformation used when the data were collected
       PEAK=[1.,1.] 2D array of the count range of the pointing mask circle of spots
       CLIP=100    Remove a pedestal from the focal plane images
            Display arguemnts:
       /DISPLAY     Display image analysis plots (focal plane images and pointing mask or N30 corner spots if requested
       /ASK         After each image is process the routine pauses until the user click 'OK' on the popup GUI
       /FWHM        Draw a circle on the focal plane image the size of the FWHM around the target star
       /SHOW_CENTER: Put + on the focal plane image at the center of rotation 
       SCALE=2      Scale the image display window by the given value
       /PLOT_3d     Display 3D image of focal plane image
       /HELP        Show this help menu and return
            Extra but not too useful arguemnts:
       /FULL        Search for target start in full image rather than in central sub-array defined in
       READ_CENTROIDS='filename': Read an ascii file that contains the target positions for all the focal plane images
       /NO_SAV      Do not write IDL .sav file.  In this case the focal plane images must be processes again and again
       /READ_SAV    Usee the IDL .sav file for transformation analysis rather then read individual .sav files or raw images
            Save image arguemnts:
       /PS          Write the focal plane image to a postscript file
       /JPEG        Write the focal plane image to a JPG file
       /TIFF        Write the focal plane image to a TIFF file (only image, no labels or scale
       /FITS        Write the focal plane image data to a FITS file

-- DougMiller - 29 Jan 2020
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