LBCR IQ test after Remounting w/o Chip #3: UTC 2011 March 01

Observer(s):M. Pedani, O. Kuhn (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson (LBTO)
Telescope Support: J.Little, M.Midkiff
Instrument Support: T.Shih, F.Pedichini


After the LBTB Flat Fields we used the first 1h 42min of LBTB Sci time to check LBCR IQ after remounting it without chip #3
Good results so far. No major issues showed up.Cameras are fully usable, except for Chip#3 of LBCR


02:16 LBTB observers ended their Flats with LBC. We start to do our tests

02:17 Slew to WT10_299 and DOFPIA. Converged.

02:30 Run lbcrangebal. We start with CA=-130.77 IE=-30.16. We end up with CA=-132.31 IE=-41.92

02:38 Take 2 images to verify: lbcr.20110301.023338.fits and lbcb.20110301.023343.fits. Field is OK to take Superfoc sequence.


02:42 SUPERFOC sequence: RB_rV_superfoc.ob

LBCB Images: 024418 to 024649; Focus Offset is 0.122 with FWHM=3.89pix (was 0.07 on 29-Dec-2010)
LBCR Images:024413 to 024628; Focus Offset is 0.046 with FWHM=3.03 pix (was 0.046 on 05-May-10)

02:50 SUPERFOC sequence: RB_rV_superfoc180.ob

LBCB Images: 025108 to 025339; Focus Ofset = 0.112 (was 0.07 on 29-Dec-2010)
LBCR Images: 025103 to 025317; Focus Offset is: 0.034 (was 0.046 on 05-May-10)

By eye of the FWHM across the chips on LBCR gives: ~3.5 pix (#2), ~3.9 pix (#1) and ~4.0 pixels (#4)

We dont' see any evident degradation of the FWHM across the field in LBCR, which is encouraging.

03:08 DOFPIA again. RED converged in 4 Iterations (sseing 0.87"). BLUE is struggling with Z4. We stop at Iteration #8. Olga doing some changes to the code.

03:20 DOFPIA again and see what happens. RED converged in 2 Iterations for seeing = 0.82. BLUE converged in 4 iterations with seeing = 1.33

03:29 DOFPIA again. RED converged in 2 iterations for seeing=0.75". BLUE converged in 4 iterations for seeing=1.26

03:36 SUPERFOC sequence: RB_rV_superfoc.ob

LBCB Images: 033652 to 033923; Focus offset is: 0.026 now with FWHM=3.5 pix (it was 0.07 on 29 Dec 10)
LBCR Images: 033644 to 033900; Focus offset is: 0.035 now with FWHM=2.45 pix . Exactly the same value as before (see above).

03:57 We are done with the tests. Cameras are usable for Science

-- MarcoPedani - 01 Mar 2011
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