MODS Startup Tasks

Closed Dome Tasks (in sequential order)

  1. Insert startup masks:
    1. astrometric masks (for measuring/checking rotator zeropoints)
    2. pointing mask (square surrounded by circle of dots)
    3. plus any other masks needed for the first science run.
  2. Functional check - move mechanisms, check calibration lamps
  3. Check IMCS Zero Points (15-min - tel @ 60 deg and L/R rotators at 210/195 deg)
  4. Check camera focus in all 9 modes (1 day, zenith, lights on OK)
  5. If any camera focus changes made, remeasure IMCS Zero Points
  6. Check calibration times/settings (1 day, zenith, lights on OK)

Nighttime Tasks

  1. AGw checkout. If WFSing is working OK, then we may be able to skip the items contained herein.
    1. AGw: Measure rotator center on guider, set hotspot in MODS_N.cfg file.
    2. AGw: Align hotspot on WFS pupil.
  2. Measure Rotator Center (15-min). Analysis via LBTtools.Sandbox.modsrc0
  3. Measure Rotator Zero Point (via mask alignment 15-min).
  4. Collect transform data (John H and Doug may have new insights based on AGW3 work...
    1. Full transform data collection (~3 hrs in good <~ 1" seeing), followed by daytime effort to reduce the data and ~2 hours on a subsequent night, also with good seeing, to check it.
    2. Short check on transform: with pointing mask in place for a fiducial reference, dither in detxy
  5. Spectrophotometric standard in all modes:
    1. Just 1 image per setting is fine if its not clear. This will just check each mode again on-sky.
    2. If clear, all modes, 3 images per mode (per the script). This will take ~1 hr and can be done in any seeing.
  6. Imaging phot field, if clear.

Nighttime Specifics for May 22 UT

  1. Astrometric Fields (for Rotator zero point and transform, if desired):
    field maskID mms file availability
    Stone I1 550828 mods.50.StoneI1.mms available until just after midnight
    Stone Omf1 535231 mods.36.StoneO.mms rising only ~02:30 am
  2. Photometric Fields (Clem et al 2016)
    field RA(J2000)(a) DEC(J2000)(a) availability
    M13 = NGC6205 16:42:13.74 36:34:53.4 rises above AM=1.5 @ 05:15 UT
    M92 = NGC6341 17:17:36.519 43:17:41.6 rises above AM=1.5 @ 05:45 UT
    M71 19:53:35.451 18:55:48 rises above AM=1.5 @ 09:00 UT
    (a) The coordinates are not the cluster center but were selected to have a good distribution of stars with catalog ugriz magnitudes from Clem et al. (2017).

-- OlgaKuhn - 30 Apr 2019
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