MODS AGw Engineering Setup


If you want to control or check power to the AzCam controllers mounted inside the MODS instrument (only used for engineering tests as the power to the cameras is controlled through the power to the instrument): You have to log into one of the obsN machines. Then you can use the following command to see the power status for the guider (agc) and the WFS camera controllers (the computers are in one of the computer rooms). More detailed instructions for MODS may be found at Instrumentation/MODSStartUp .
% /home/modseng/bin/isisCmd --mods1 util agc

returns the power and breaker state: AGC=OFF AGC_BRK=UNKNOWN

(can't know the breaker state if no power is flowing...)
% /home/modseng/bin/isisCmd --mods1 util wfs

does the same for the WFS camera

To turn power on or off use one of the following commands:
% /home/modseng/bin/isisCmd --mods1 util agc on

% /home/modseng/bin/isisCmd --mods1 util agc off

% /home/modseng/bin/isisCmd --mods1 util wfs on

% /home/modseng/bin/isisCmd --mods1 util wfs off

Please turn off the power to the controllers when you're done with engineering tests to conserve power and eliminate problems from overheating in case the glycol flow to the instrument is not enabled.
These commands DO NOT control the power to the MODS AGW probe or the instrument. Only the camera controllers can be turned on or off through these commands!!!!

AGw-only Mode

Adapted by KS from an email to JMH from RP in Feb-2011

The AGw unit is behind the instrument hatch, and so to use it on-sky, you need to open the instrument to the sky. These instructions describe the engineering commands to do this from the unix command line without having to bring up the full high-level interface.

This assumes that MODS is powered up, but not yet initialized.

See the first part of this wiki entry: MODS Start Up if a full power-up and reboot of all computers is required.

While logged into one of the mountain workstations as user LBTO, login to the MODSN computer via ssh:
 ssh LBTO@mods

Everything below is done while logged into this machine. This gives you access to the low-level engineering functions needed.

  1. Check the state of the MODSN instrument services:
    lbto@mods1:1 % mods1 status
    MODS1 Status at 2015 Jun 05 22:50:17
    Instrument Server:
      Service       State           Owner
      IE            Running         mods
      AGw           Running         mods
      redIMCS       Running         mods
      blueIMCS      Running         mods
      modsenv       Running         mods
      lbttcs        Running         mods
      modsUI        Stopped

    and read the list. For AGw-only operation, you need these 2 services running minimum: IE and AGw

  2. If these are not running, start them as follows :
    mods1 start ie
    mods1 start agw 
    (If you try to start a service already running it will gripe at you but nothing bad will happen. )

  3. Reset the mechanisms needed for MODS1 observing and power up the AGw cameras
         isisCmd agw reset
         isisCmd calib reset
         isisCmd hatch reset
         isisCmd util agc on
         isisCmd util wfs on 
    After the two AGw controllers are turned on (last 2 commands above) you can start the GCS GUI.
    The calibration tower (calib) must be reset because it is hardware/software interlocked with the AGw stage, and if it is not at its stowed position the AGw stage will not deploy. The reset positions for the three mechanism groups are:
    • AGw stage stowed out of the beam

  4. Put the instrument into "observing mode"
        isisCmd obsmode 
    This will open the instrument to the sky, make sure the calibration tower is stowed, and turn off any calibration lamps.
    You should now be ready to proceed using the MODS1 AGw system.

  5. Shutdown
    At the end of the night, return the instrument to a closed and safe state:
         isisCmd hatch close
         isisCmd agw reset
         isisCmd util agc off
         isisCmd util wfs off
         mods1 stop agw
         mods1 stop ie 
    Note: The last 2 steps are needed only if power will be off to the instrument.
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