MODS2 Commissioning Night 3

Blue channel sequencer board is not working properly. Last night, from 1/4 to 1/3 of the images were bad and it seemed that the noise correlated with light level. Plan is to take a few highly illuminated images ( or imaging flats) to assess the noise problem, and then run the light leak test, as well as take sieveSnap images at varying elevations.

Snow on the mountain - no chance to open tonight.

Ran up both MODS1 and MODS2

mods1(b/r).20150101.*.fits and


Copied doBias to doBias2 and edited doBias2 to use MODS2 (execMODS -> execMODS2)


sieveSnaps at zenith:
  • MODS1: b/r 1
  • MODS2: b/r 1

  • MODS1: b/r 2-11
  • MODS2: b/r 2-6 are 8K and 7-11 are 3K
    • b 7 is bad

01:45 execMODS2 (in ~/SciPrep/MODS/modsCalibs_Workspace --- a directory where I had copied and edited it for MODS2)
  • MODS2: b 12-14 at u' (8500 counts)
  • after 14, hung on "Exposure Done, cleaning up..."
    • 14 is in /newdata
    • gave "blue expdone" in command window of gui
    • OK now, but cntl-c script because the lamp level and exposure time are not giving enough counts. Since editing the copy in my modsCalibs_Workspace directory, I worked on the actual script that is in modseng. I will run that for MODS2.

01:56 execMODS2 (in ~modseng/modsScripts/modsCalib/)
  • mods2b: 16 saturated vflat=10, exptime=50 u'
  • simultaneously run the script for MODS1:
    • mods1b: 12-16 23k counts vflat=10, exptime=50 u'
    • mods1b: 17-21 27k counts vflat=4, exptime=12 g'
    • mods1r: 12-16 r' 22.5k counts
    • mods1r: 17-21 i' 20k counts
    • mods1r: 22-26 z' 18k counts
  • mods2b: 18 vflat=10, exptime=20sec u'
    • 18: 24000 counts in lower two quads, 600 counts in upper quad
    • 19: repeat same vflat/exptime in case 18 was recovering from previous hard saturation.
      • count level ~30k, but sequencer problem.
    • 20: same parameters as 18&19.
      • count level ~33k, but again sequencer problem.
  • mods2b: 21 g' vflat=4, exptime=4 => 14k counts (filter/vflat/exptime all incorrect in title) no sequencer problem
  • mods2b: 22 g' vflat=4, exptime=8 => 28k counts, again, no sequencer problem (is it triggered only for counts > 32k?)
  • mods2b: 23 g' vflat=4, exptime=10 => again, lower two quadrants have ~32k counts, upper two quads have 500-1000 counts only.
  • mods2r: run (copy of what is in ~modseng) for r', i' and z' to check count levels
    • 12-16 r' vflat=3/exptime=2 => 39.5k counts
    • 17-21 i' vflat=1.5/exptime = 7 => 25.5k-23.3k (really dropped over the course of 5)
    • 22-26 z' vflat=1.5/exptime=3 => 27k

The vflat lamp appears either brighter at all settings or to follow a different curve for MODS2 than for MODS1. In the red channel, for the same vflat/exptime, count levels are a factor 1.75/1.22/1.5 higher for MODS2 for r'/i'/z' and vflat = 3/1.5/1.5. For u' where MODS1 used vflat=10 and exptime=50 to get only 20k counts, MODS2 u' count levels reached hard saturation but blue channel comparisons could be complicated by the MODS2 blue sequencer/readout problems.

8K biases with MODS2 (b 24-28 and r 27-31)

03:00 starting leakTest on MODS1 and MODS2
  • edited leakTest in ~modseng/Commissioning to replace mask "PinholeSieve" with "PinholeSlit"
  • copied leakTest to /home/lbto/kuhn and changed "PinholeSieve" to "DarkMask"
  • dome dark:
    • mods2: b 29-33 and r 32-36
    • mods1: b 22-26 and r 27-31
  • lights on: waiting 5 minutes to allow them to warm up
    • mods2: b 34-38 and r 37-41
      • mods2r showing some light leaks on the right side, X~7415 and also lower level light at top and bottom for X~1606
    • mods1: b 27-31 and r 32-36
      • mods1r showing some light at X~7500 and for X~1336
      • mods1b showing some light at bottom right, for X>7500 and Y<2010 and near bottom center. mods2b does not show this.

04:27 put both MODS1 and MODS2 to sleep.

Happy New Year!

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