LBTtools Important Parameters

DavidThompson reminds us of the following important parameters when switching between LFBG and RFBG observing with LBTtoolsIRTC.

IRTC> lpar LBTtools
     (version = "LBTtools v0.09: April 2008") 
    (observer = "NoObserver")   Observer ID
      (camera = "IRTC")         Specify the camera
      (utdate = 20100323)       UT Date of the observations  : UPDATE THIS DAILY
     (archive = "/newdata")     Path to the archived (raw) images.
       (calib = "~/LBT.Calib")  Calibration data directory.

     (version = "LBTtools v0.01: 25 February 2008") 
     (Telside = "right")        Side where the IRTC is installed : RIGHT IS NOT THE DEFAULT
     (catalog = "IRTC$/Catalogs/") Input star catalog
     (sendcam = yes)            Send commands to IRTC? : MUST BE YES
     (sendtel = yes)            Send commands to Telescope? : MUST BE YES

IRTC> lpar takepic
      exptime = 2.              Exposure time in seconds?
     (frmrate = 100000)         Frame rate (Hz)?
    (keywords = "/home/LBTO/iraf/irc_right_dd.dat") Keywords file (blank=default) : FILE MUST BE RIGHT ORIENTED

IRTC> lpar takeseq
      exptime = 0.5             Exposure time in seconds?
      Nimages = 40              Number of images to take in sequence?
     (frmrate = 100000)         Frame rate (Hz)?
       (take1 = yes)            Take single exposure prior to sequence?
    (keywords = "/home/LBTO/iraf/irc_right_dd.dat") Keywords file (blank=default) : FILE MUST BE RIGHT ORIENTED

-- JohnHill - 07 Sep 2010
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