Transform_Collect Flags

IDL> transform_collect, /HELP
   This routine collects a set of data needed to calculate
 the transformation between the Telescope's PCS_XY focal plane
 coordinates and the XY coordinates of the AGw guide probe.
   This routine will work for focal stations with LUCI, IRTC or
 MODS cameras at the science focus.  The switch between LUCI and IRTC
 mounted on the FrontBentGregorian stations is done manually in the
   The steps need to collect transformation data are:
 1) Read the target star name and off-axis guide stars
 2) Preset and collimate the telescope, via IDL, on the on-axis guide star before
    any data are collected:
      - if requested via /OFFSET flag
         -> offset telescope in X and Y and collect focal plane images
      - stop guiding, move the guide probe and collect a focal plane
            image of the on-axis source
      - offset the telescope by 20 arcsec and collect a background image
 3) Loop over the off-axis guide star list
     a) Preset and collimate, via IDL, the telescope on the on-axis guide star
     b) Loop over 3 off-axis guide starts
         i) Preset in GUIDE mode to the off-axis star
        ii) Collect focal plane images
     c) End loop over 3 guide stars
    End loop over all guide stars
 4) Preset and collimate the telescope, via IDL, on the on-axis guide star before
      - stop guiding, move the guide probe and collect a focal plane
            image of the on-axis source
 ** NOTES **
 - Usually this routine does not need any interaction to proceed.
   However, if the collimation is slow, then a message box may pop up
   and say 'Not collimated below...'.  Click 'Yes' to continue
   collimating and 'No' to proceed to the next off-axis star
 - If this routine or the telescope has a problem, the script can be
   restarted at a specific guide star entry by adding START=2, for
   example, flag to the command
 Login to one of the obs machines as LBTO
    % cd /home/lbto/data
    % mkdir -p 20200108/rfbg
    % cd 20200108/rfbg
    % idl
    IDL> iif_register, RFBG
    IDL> transform_collect
 To add flags:
 IDL> transform_collect, filename, logname, retval, START=2, FRAMES=15
 Routine Call:
     transform_collect, filename, list, retval, START=start, LIMIT=limit, $
       DEBUG=debug, NO_CAMERA=no_camera, NO_TCS=no_tcs, TEST=test, VERBOSE=verbose, $
       EXP=exp, FRAMES=frames, NO_BG=no_bg, INFO=info, PAUSE=pause, OFFSET=offset, $
 Required Inputs:
 Optional Inputs:
        START=start  Indicate which guide star entry in the list to
                       start.  This is useful if the transform_collect
                       script fails part way through, the script can be
                       restarted at any entry (ie START=2 starts with
                       the second guides star listed in filename)
        LIMIT=limit  Indicate the collimation limit, in nm, required
                       before presetting to the next guide star.  If no
                       value is given, 400 nm is used.
             /DEBUG  The script writes out extra infomation to the terminal
            /NO_TCS  No requests are sent to the TCS but requests are
                       sent to the camera, ie to test image collection
         /NO_CAMERA  No requests are sent to the focal plane camera but requests are
                       sent to the TCS, ie to test telescope control.
              /TEST  Commands are sent neither the TCS nor the
                       camera.  This allows the script and .list file
                       to be tested off-line.  Same as /NO_TCS + /NO_CAMERA
           /VERBOSE  Prints out the full Active Optics collimation
                       information.  By default the Adaptive Optics
                       only prints the WaveFront RMS in nm.
      FRAMES=frames  Number of focal plane images to acquire.  By default,
                       30 images are acquired.  This is not relavant
                       for LUCI and MODS, as only one image is ever acquired.
            EXP=exp  Exposure time in seconds for the IRTC images.
                       This is not relavant for MODS, as the exposure
                       time is set on the MODS user interface.
             /NO_BG  Do not collect a focal plane background
                       image.  Only one BG image is needed per tranform data
                       set.  Thus, if the transform_collectd process is
                       restarted, the /NO_BG flag should be set
              /INFO  Print all information from presets and offsets.
                       By default, only a single line for each is
                       printed to keep the output from the routine to
                       a minimum.
             /PAUSE  Setting this flag will force this routine to
                       pause and allow the user to collect a focal
                       plane image (pause means an info box is popped
                       up and when the data collection is done, the
                       'OK' button on the info box can be clicked
                       to continue).  The default is the routine
                       automatically collect focal plane images.
            /OFFSET  The telescope is offset in X and Y and focal
                        plane images collected so the relationship
                        and scale of image motion and guide probe
                        motions can be determined.  This information
                        is needed to determine the transformation and
                        is defined in
           filename: Name of the file read containing the star
                       information.  This includes the name of the
                       central star (eg StoneO) and the guide stars to
                       use, each with a position angle.  The default
                       location of these file is 
            logname: Name of the file written containing all the
                       information needed by transform_process_set to
                       analyze these transformation data.  This file is
                       written in the present working directory.  Then
                       name of the file is transform_'focal_station'.log.
             retval: 0/1 for succuess/failure

-- DougMiller - 22 Dec 2010
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