Building a Reconstructor Matrix

The steps to build a reconstructor matrix are:

WFSC files from Andrew

Andrew creates the needed wfsc images. Usually these are zernike modes 2 through 22 and an unaberrated image. The names will look something like:


These text files must be convert from "Unicode (UTF-16)" to "Western (Mac OS Roman)" form via *TextEdit*. If, on my Mac, double click on a file name in a finder window, the file is automatically opened in *TextEdit*. To convert the file, click on "File->Save As". A dialog box pops up where you can change the name, and the encoding of file to save. Choose "Western (Mac OS Roman)"

  • Read the text files, pad the image to with 100 rows and columns, convolve with a Gaussian, include the required Data Dictionary values in the header and write a fits file.
  • Run "recon_create_matrix" routine to evaluate the given list of wfsc images, create the interaction matrix with the centroid values, use single value decomposition to find the inverse matrix, determine the reconstructor matrix and write the recon matrix and centroid offset fits files.
  • Set the new reconstructor directory as the default reconstructor in

-- DougMiller - 09 Feb 2011
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