GCS Gui Changes/Problems/Suggestions

NOTE: Currently this list is just a scratch pad for recording ideas, suggestions and problems for taking notes during commissioning. The contents will be revised and update after this Commissioning run and be discussed with the appropriate people in a week or so. DLM

Guider Section

  1. Display current GCS Guide image on guider tab so operator can easily note a strange image in the log
  2. Remove FWHM (R). Not correct or relevant.
  3. "Cut" tab is not very useful (but it is pretty). Remove?
  4. "Lin Proj" tab plot does not work
    • y scale should be in arcsec
    • x scale should be in time
    • what is "timebase"?
    • fill in values in lower section. Which ones are useful?
  5. "Cir Proj" does not work/display properly
    • x and y scales should be in arcsec with the same size (5" on a side) as the guide image
    • Put 1" circle on this plot
    • what is "timebase"?
    • fill in values in lower section. Which ones are useful?
  6. "Flux" plot is not understandable
  7. In "status overview" the GSC server status changes to RED and states guide star peak value below minimum. It looks like the guiding is still being corrected, so this should be a Information
  8. In "status overview" the GSC server status changes to RED and states initializing guide thread. This is not an error and should be a Information
  9. In "status overview" the Guiding status states guide star off from hotspot mean. Is this not alway the case when guiding? If so, then this should not be displayed here.
  10. Seems like the first guide image always has a dark stripe along the top
  11. For bright guide stars, up to half of the guide images are faulty, eg dark stripe along the top and no star displayed

WFSC Section

  1. Clearly display in RED when a WaveFront correct has been rejected by PSF (forces too high, etc)
  2. Display current time and time of last Active Optics correction, or the time since last correction
  3. Display on the WFSC image (13x13 subaps) used for Active Optics. This will make it easier to see if pupil is positioned correctly.
  4. Add a color scale bar
  5. Use "Heat" color scale (red) rather than gray scale
  6. Add subap boundaries (grid) to the WFSC image
  7. Determine and display "Seeing" by analyzing many WFSC subaps (Sextractor?). This will be a better indication of Seeing than the short exposure guide images
  8. Display plot of "Seeing" for the last hour or so. New window?
  9. Make "Cam View" tab the default on startup
  10. Wavefront map tab could be removed (no useful information, just pretty)
  11. Display values of only Z4 through Z22 zernikes
  12. Zernike values can be integers (no need to take up real estate for small values)
  13. Be able to display zernike values and WFSC Cam View at the same time
  14. RMS WFE value displayed includes all modes calculated. It should only include the the RMS WFE of those sent to PSF. Or, these two value can both be displayed
  15. "no. spots found" not interesting enough for display. The operator can look at the WFSC image.
  16. What is "Image Quality" metric?
  17. "average counts/cel (subap)" is interesting.
  18. Display plot of "average counts/subap" for the last hour or so. New window?
  19. Display current WFSC image on wfsc tab so operator can easily note a strange image in the log

Control Section

  1. "Status overview" should have ~15 characters for information. Full message, Information, Warnings and Errors should be display in a scrollable window (see General Issues). These fields should always be GREEN (even for warnings) as long as these systems are still operational and the guide and active optics loops are still running. These fields should be RED when something has stopped unexpectedly, an error occurred, etc that required the attention of the operator. The information here should be comments such as:
    • Stopped
    • OK
    • Guiding
    • Active
    • Ready
    • Probe Moving
    • Warning
    • Error
    • etc

Acquisition Window

  1. The path name on top of the Acquision Image window is too long and we can not see the image number
  2. The window could be 33% smaller (save real estate)

General Issues

  1. Be able to display "old" acquistion, guider and wfsc images on the gui without effecting the current operation of the guiding and/or active optics loops
  2. Be able to scroll back through log message (warnings and errors). Currently only the last one is shown on "GCS Control" panel

-- DougMiller - 26 Oct 2009
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