Technical Observing - AO Commissioning 20140319 UT

Observers: JGuerra, JChristou (LBTO) JHill (Tucson - remote room)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson (LBTO)

Outline of Tasks

Partly cloudy throughout the night. We were able to observe throughout the night.

IRTC was mounted incorrectly on SX side

Commissioning tasks on DX side.

1. Robustness and Autogain Tests

2. Dithering offset tests


We began the night by checking the SX set-up of the IRTC. We were unable to locate any signal on the PWFS but we did verify that we were aligned with the star from the IRTC itself. Juan Carlos, checked the system with his flashlight on the telescope and verified that the PWFS was measuring a signal. The implication is that the IRTC was mounted incorrectly, a 180\xB0 ambiguity.

So we switched to the DX side. This was the first time that we used the AGW with LUCI2, the last time in 2013 we had used IRTC. We had no problem obtaining a signal on the DX PWFS. Because on the non-photometric conditions we followed through on the system robustness tests and the auto gain testing, items 3.4 and 3.2 in the plan. We also checked the offsetting, as used for dithering, and found that the software to move the x-stage moved it in the wrong direction so that we lost the guide star from the PWFS. It worked fine for Y-offsets. John Hill noted that there was a difference in the x-axis direction for LUCI2 vs. LUCI 1 which wasn\x92t taken into account. We have followed with Alfio who has modified the WfsArbitrator configuration file which we will check out sometime over the next couple of nights.

We chose a series of stars of different brightnesses corresponding to the different WFS binnings. On the first acquisition of the star we ran the autogain procedure followed by a series of 10 repeating presets. We started with a bright star (9th magnitude) and followed through with fainter targets in sequence. We had a couple of RIPs with the BIN 1 with excessive motion of a single actuator but BINs 2 & 3 were well behaved. However with BIN 4 we had some major problems with the autogain procedure. The DM display initially showed some \x93structure\x94 outline crate 5 and eventually the shell RIPed producing the pie shape. The Fault reset went fine but this happened a total of 56 times. Eventually Juan Carlos recycled the AOS and we were able to finish the BIN 4 autogain and presets tests without any further problems. We were able obtain a good set of diagnostics for these events so we can investigate what is causing the RIPs and the pie shape. We noted that there were some large TT events which may be correlated.

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