UT 20231018: ECD - LUCI2 checkout

Night Info

For the night of: Tue, 2023 Oct 17 ---> Wed, 2023 Oct 18
Local midnight = 2023 Oct 18,  7 hr UT, or JD 2460235.792
Local Mean Sidereal Time at midnight =   1 26 30.6

Sunset ( 1000 m horizon):   17 49 MST; Sunrise:   6 21 MST
Evening twilight:  19 06 MST;  LMST at evening twilight:  20 32
Morning twilight:   5 04 MST;  LMST at morning twilight:   6 31
12-degr twilight: 18 38 MST -->  5 32 MST; night center:   0 05 MST

Moonset :  19 37 MST   
Moon at civil midnight: illuminated fraction 0.124
3.5 days since new moon, RA and dec:  16 12 18, -24 59.5

The sun is down for 12.5 hr; 10.0 hr from eve->morn 18 deg twilight.
 9.5 dark hours after moonset and before beginning of twilight.

Handover from LBTI science to ECD at night center, sharing reconfig time: 0:03



  • OSA: Steve Allanson
  • ISA/SO: Jenny Power
  • ECD Coordinator: Jenny Power


Night Plan

  1. Pepsi pointing (30min)
  2. Config LUCI2 only
  3. LUCI2 focal station checkout
    1. Align AGW to Rotator Center (30 min)
    2. M3 Alignment (1hr)
    3. Rotator Center on LUCI detector (30min)
    4. RotZP LUCI2 (30min)
    5. One science like OB (30min)
  4. Reconfig bino MODS (15min)
    1. MODS transform Data collection (2hour)
If the images on LUCI suggest necessary, take field aberration data for LUCI2 instead of MODS transform. MODS transform data is higher priority because of suggested issue.

LUCI2 transform to be scheduled for next ECD. Blind offsets more common with MODS, and we are aware of potential issue so would like to get the MODS transform if possible.
AZCAM Server update

Testing new AZCAM server update - hotspot and shack-hartmann sensor imaging on new software of azcam. Details pending.
PEPSI pointing verification

Point at something at elevation 50-70deg and verify pointing and collimation.
RFBG focal station checkout
  1. AGW2 Alignment (Critical)
  2. M3 Alignment RFBG (Critical)
  3. Rotator Center on LUCI detectors (Field center) (Critical)
    • Scripts located in LUCI_2022_Restart_V1.83.xml under Field Center or for M52 generated in Service_Observing/Restart_2023/LUCI/Rot_center
    • LUCI configured: N30 fieldstop aligned, N375 camera, mirror, Ks
      • Run the sequence:
        • active 0deg to collimate, then scripts for
        • track 0deg
        • track 180deg
        • track 90deg
        • track 270deg
  4. Rotator Zero-Point (requires MOS mask) - (0.5 hr) (High)
    • Masks:
      • ID 903033 - Stone O
      • ID 921934 - Stone A
      • iD 931027 - Stone D
    • To update results (if needed)
      • ssh -X into TO1 as telescope; then ssh - X as tcs@tcs1; The file location is in /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PCS/PCSInstrument.conf
    • Longslit Method (backup for no masks)
      • requires target field with two sources in slit, use alignment holes in longslit. Need LMS file with source in longslit (preferably two) - astrometric field ideal
  5. Field Aberration (low)
  6. Collect transform data - (2hrs) - must do RotZP First (High)
    • Target Fields, select one near transit:
      • Stone O 21 37 31 +00 31 55 Stone_O_m12.list
      • Stone P22 35 49 +01 31 33 Stone_P1.list
      • Stone A 00 54 02 -00 32 34 Stone_A3.list
    • Seeing should be no worse than ~1", list should include ~ 50 stars
    • Have the TO send an Active preset to tune pointing on the field and collimate
    • Configure LUCI with the N30 field stop aligned, N375 camera, H filter, flexure compensation on.
    • Follow the instructions as outlined on: https://wiki.lbto.org/Commissioning/ComTools#Guide_Probe_Transformation
    • Take 5xdarks to match exposure time taken
    • Process transform data (or shoot Doug an email ASAP)

MODS Transform
  1. Collect transform data with MODS (2hrs needed) (Critical)
    • transform
    • https://wiki.lbto.org/Commissioning/ComTools#Guide_Probe_Transformation
    • Setup with transformInit_PointingMask.pro in /lbt/lbto/mods to configure for dual imaging, to set r_sdss, exptime=5 for red (and to set g_sdss/exptime=10 for blue
    • New field with fainter GS0 to be created for end of night. Take minimum 4 sec exposure (to get enough light through dot-circle).
      • Stone_D2 is good for 2nd half of night, Olga has updated
    • Pointing mask in place. (run transformInit_PointingMask.pro script which I recently updated in /lbt/lbto/mods/support and in /lbt/data/old_homes/modseng/modsScripts/Support)

Closed Dome Plan

  • Generate and test low mode LBTI reconstructor for SHARK-VIS

Night log

-- JenniferPower - 15 Oct 2023
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