20230227 UT

OSA: Josh Williams

ECD coordinator: Alex Becker

Observer: Olga Kuhn

Sunset: 18:18 MST (1:19UT)

Evening 12-deg twilight: 19:08 MST (2:08 UT)

Morning 12-deg twilight: 05:28 MST (12:28 UT)

Sunrise: 06:46 MST (13:46 UT)

Tasks to be done:

Google doc spreadsheet with outline of plan

The plan was to be mostly LBC: (1) engineering time to obtain a 4-6 hr series of extra-focal pupil images while driving the primary out of equilibrium during the first 2-3 hrs, and then letting it settle. TMS would be run in active mode so the aberrations would be only those from thermal gradients; and (2) DDT to obtain LBC images of NEO fields (sidereal tracking, though).

In case of poor weather, mapping of the AGw1 field would be done to characterize the parameter space where vignetting is seen (IT 8495).This task should take ~3.5 hrs and the target is NGC3190 (RA/DEC = 10h/+21d).

There were two IT/SW tasks/updates:
  1. DNS Linux migration (0.1 hrs) -- was to be done at the start of the night
  2. dofpia and dohybrid were modified on Friday to print, upon exiting successfully, a reminder to the user to set the TMS reference.

Josh called the night as we had fresh snow and more ice accumulation during the day, very little sun and temperature ~ -13C --- too cold and cloudy to clear the enclosure.

I took a series of MODS2 dual grating spectra with the hatch closed and IR laser enabled to confirm the source of the IR laser spots and that they do not change position with elevation or rotator angle, so long as flexure compensation is running (there was a suggestion that they changed position with elevation). There are also plenty of science data to examine. I doubled the laser power and the spot intensity increased (and with the laser disabled, the spots do not appear). I adjusted the collimator A and B actuators by 50 mic, unchecked "Use IMCS" and noted that the spots moved, as expected.

-- JenniferPower - 14 Feb 2023
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