-- AlexanderBecker - 09 Feb 2023

20230210 UT

Sunset: 18:05 MST

Evening 12-deg twilight: 18:54 MST

Night center: 00:34 MST

Morning 12-deg twilight: 06:13 MST

Sunrise: 07:02 MST

Tasks to be done:

Google doc spreadsheet with outline of plan

Google doc 20230210 UT nightlog

(Spectro-)Photometric Standards MODS and LUCI (4h)

TMS testing (6hr)

  • Channel-dropping on-sky with TMS updates mid-exposure:
    • selectively drop and bring back RR pairs and monitor the effect of the different configurations (see attached TMSchannelschema.png)
    • tms_loop.py -o (-o is needed to ignore the shutter state and send corrections during exposures).
    • single filter, no dithering, series of 30-60 sec exposures, fields with fairly high star density at low & high elevation.

DDT PEPSI transit observation (3h)

  • Reconfig to PEPSI 23:00
  • Observation ends 02:30

Check edges of LUCI-AGw patrol fields (3.5 hrs?)

  • Some investigation done earlier this month
  • SL: both LUCI1 and LUCI2
  • poor weather
  • target prepared: NGC3190
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