UT 12 Jul 2021 - Split night D/PETS

Night Info Never Opened

  • Sunset 19:35
  • 18deg Twilight Ends 21:09
  • Handover to PETS 21:20 - (split the reconfig from MODS to PEPSI)
  • 18deg Twilight Starts 03:42
  • Sunrise 05:16
  • Moon <5%

Night Plan

  • Configure for Bino-MODS
  • Science Observations (Rothberg) - until 21:20 Local time
    • Script Location: Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/May_Jun_Jul_2021/Rothberg_Local_Mergers/
    • MODS scripts have been exported
    • OT file (just in case): COBandhead_Mergers_V15.xml
  • Feige 67 at twilight - as early as posisble to acquire and take data
    • Dual Grating Mode
  • IRAS 17044+6720 - Dual Grating mode
    • Any conditions
  • 21:20 local time reconfigure to bino-PEPSI

DT Notes:

-- BarryRothberg - 09 Jul 2021

cd /home/lbto/Scratch
cp ~/modseng/modsScripts/Support/mods?Wake.pro .
cp mods1Wake.pro mods1BlueWake.pro
vi mods1BlueWake.pro
execBinoMODS mods1BlueWake.pro mods2Wake.pro
cp ~/modseng/modsScripts/Support/simSnap.pro .
cp simSnap.pro simSnapBlue.pro
vi simSnapBlue.pro
execBinoMODS simSnapBlue.pro simSnap.pro
execMODS --mods1 simSnapBlue.pro

isisCmd --mods1 m1.bc seqinit
execMODS --mods1 simSnapBlue.pro
still fails...needs to be blue only

cd /home/lbto/Scratch
vi simSnapBlue.pro
execMODS --mods1 simSnapBlue.pro

Waiting for weatherto clear.

cd /lbt/data/old_homes/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/May_Jun_Jul_2021/Rothberg_Local_Mergers/
more BR_Merger.README
display IRAS_17044+6720_Finder_rband.jpg &

acqBinoMODS MODS_BackupConfig/Feige67_Blue_Acq.txt Feige67_Red_Acq.txt

modsAlign -y 11 mods1b.20210712.NNNN.fits mods1b.20210712.NNNN.fits
modsAlign -y 9 mods1r.20210712.NNNN.fits mods1r.20210712.NNNN.fits

execBinoMODS MODS_BackupConfig/Feige67_Blue_Grating_Science.txt Feige67_Dual_Grating_Science.txt

09:23 Handing over to PEPSI ... never opened
cd ~/modseng/modsScripts/Support/
execBinoMODS mods1Sleep.pro mods2Sleep.pro
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