UT 21 May 2021

Night Details

  • Sunset 19:21
  • Twilight ends 20:52
  • Night Center 00:16
  • Twilight Starts 03:40
  • Sunrise 05:12

Night Plan

  • Split night with LBTI-SOUL-COM, Handover to LBTO for AGW and PEPSIPOL work 00:11 MST
  • PEPSI On-Sky checkouts
    • AGW4 (and AGW3) checks 1-2 hours (context in IT 7545, procedure in BGTechProcedures)
      • Check guiding hotspot with Zernikes blocked (both AGW3 and AGW4, but especially AGW4 which had alignment work done)
      • Check on-axis pupil position of wfs, and update parameter files (mostly AGW4 which had alignment work done) (stop/restart GCS)
      • Check active optics stability (take at least 20 wfs on-axis before moving off-axis - for post-analysis of the wfs pupil position)
      • Check extreme off-axis pupil shifts
      • Other (low priority- only to be done if there was nothing else to do)
        • Measure and adjust probe centering wrt/rotator center
        • Measure and correct sign of off-axis field aberration corrections
    • PEPSI-Pol on-sky checks
      • From Ilya:

        Name V Inst Fiber BlueArm RedArm Start MST End Duration Phase PID
        alpha Boo -0.05 POL 200P CD3 6x00:05:00 CD5 6x00:05:00 01:55:00 02:29:18 00:34:18 polstd
        HR 7950 3.78 POL 200P CD1 2x00:05:00 CD4 2x00:05:00 02:31:18 02:42:44 00:11:26 fluxstd
        HR 7950 3.78 POL 200P CD2 2x00:05:00 CD5 2x00:05:00 02:42:44 02:54:10 00:11:26 fluxstd
        HR 7950 3.78 POL 200P CD3 2x00:05:00 CD6 2x00:05:00 02:54:10 03:05:36 00:11:26 fluxstd
        gamma Equ 4.70 POL 200P CD3 6x00:05:00 CD5 6x00:05:00 03:07:36 03:41:54 00:34:18 polstd

  • Bin 1 checkout on-sky for LUCI-AO - OSCO if only twilight remains

Night Log

The entire night was lost to bad weather. LBTI did some closed-dome alignment and calibration work.

The PEPSI AGW on-sky checkouts will be done at the start of the next useable PEPSIPOL night.

-- BarryRothberg - 17 May 2021
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