UT Mar 14 2021

Night Partition

  • Night split with PEPSI/PETS
  • No Moon
  • D/E-time twilight-20:15 (official start 20:45 - reconfig and setup before)
  • PEPSI/PETS 20:45-02:15
  • D/E-time 02:25-twilight


  • Activate AOS/TCS Patch from Software Group (as per email from 03/09) - activate at 02:25 hr
  • MODS-2 available pending completion of dichroic grating fix

Calibrations to be done

  • LUCI Imaging Flats - for ESM science and ESM characterization (good and bad conditions)
    • z,J,H,K,Ks N375 both LUCIs
    • Cals located in: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/Rothberg_Science/IMBH/LUCI-ESM
  • MODS Spectral cals - for all MODS programs
    • Dual Grating Slitless pixel flats
    • Dual Grating Arcs
    • Cals locaated in: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/Rothberg_Science/ICRF3/MODS_Observations

Night Plan

  • LBTI DDT Observation - Twilight to 20:40 (handover must occur before 20:45 - suggest adding a few minutes to ensure everything works with M3/SX)
  • Switch to Bino-LUCI 02:15 - 02:25
  • LUCI Bino 02:25 - Twilight
    • OSCO - 0.5hr
    • ESM observations of IMBH Candidate - 1hr
      • Script Location: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/Rothberg_Science/IMBH/LUCI-ESM
      • OT file: J1601_Optical_Followup_V3.xml
      • Parallel observations with LUCI-2 in SL mode
        • Mixed Mode Script: J1601_ESM_SL.xml
        • L1 only: J1601_L1.xml
        • Data can be used to assess ESM performance
      • Conditions: Seeing < 1.2", very thin clouds, photometric preferred
      • Script has 60 exposures - min needed 30 exposures - if seeing is amazing (like 0.6" or better on the LUCI-2 AGW, then keep going - can use this for ESM testing since there are star-formation knots)
      • If Photometric - observe photometric standard stars before and after - 1hr - Grand Total - 2hrs
        • GSPC P330-E - zJHKKs - observe all filters to add more data for ZPs
        • adds about 1 hr of overheads (30 min before target, 30 min after target)
    • Once Science observations are complete can conduct more ESM data collection for characterization
      • Script Location: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/ESM_Testing
        • sub-directory for each target
      • Hoag's Object - 1 hour - First Priority after Science Target
        • Conditions: Seeing < 1.2", very thin clouds or clear
        • Mixed Mode Script: Hoags_Object_ESM_SL.xml
        • L1 Only: Hoags_Object_L1.xml - run if problem with LUCI-2
      • M92 - KHJ - 1 hr - Backup only or if done with Hoag's Object

Poor Weather Backup

  • MODS Observations of Mystery Object (ICR5 93.24-13.51) - Twilight to 20:15 - In case LBTI program can't be executed
    • Script Location: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/Rothberg_Science/ICRF3/MODS_Observations
    • OT File: ICRF3_LUCI_V15_LBTO_AZ.xml
    • LBTO: LD-2019B-006
    • Any conditions - attempt this unless unable to guide and/or see the target
    • MODS-1 only is OK
    • 1" slit Dual Grating
    • Observe G191B2b first
    • 1200sec x 2 exposures - if another exposure can be started we'll collect as many photons as possible before handover to PEPSI
  • ESM poor weather observations - LUCI Bino
    • AO Group requests some data be taken to test new software regardless of conditions - use M92
    • if you can close the loop please execute the K-band part of the script to test the software before moving on to other poor weather work
    • Script Location: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/ESM_Testing
  • TMS Testing - LBC
  • Standard star observations
    • any seeing
    • must be photometric
    • MODS primary spectrophotometric standard in all modes
      • The table of MODS primarty spectrophotometric standards is here
      • Scripts for acq and observation (all modes) are in ~modseng/modsScripts/modsSpecPhot
    • MODS imaging standards (this is better done later - the fields are only just rising at the end of the night in March)
    • LBC imaging standards
    • LUCI Standards
      • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/LUCI_Phot_ZP
      • Best to pick one star and sample it over different airmasses
      • Otherwise, make sure to sample airmasses over delta-airmass > 0.33

If cannot reconfigure to M3 after PEPSI 02:15 - 02:25

  • MODS Field Correction check for IT 8315 - Engineering Task
    • 1-1.5 hours in seeing better than 1.4 arcsec, clouds don't matter much.
    • priority=medium (problem may have been with us for a year)
    • run IDL task field_collect (same as measuring field aberrations: ComTools#Field_Data_Collection)
      • do LDG and RDG in parallel (two IDL windows)
      • Use 6-8 stars (some fields only have 6 stars; start the list a second time, if you are under an hour)
      • Stone_G is well placed at RA=10:17, and other Stone / BS fields are available if earlier or later.
  • TMS Testing - Engineering Task
    • Any conditions are acceptable
  • Standard Star fields - any seeing but must be photometric
  • Poor Weather MODS Science Backups - in case TMS cannot be done in Poor conditions or other problems arise
    • Local Mergers - Poor Weather MODS-Bino (MODS-1 OK too, just go longer)
      • Any conditions, go longer if needed
      • script location: Script Location: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/Rothberg_Science/Local_Mergers/scripts
        • NGC 6598 - all up 2nd half of night
    • RLQ/RQQ QSOs - Poor Weather MODS-Bino (MODS-1 OK too, just go longer)
      • Any conditions, list is not prioritized
      • LD-2019B-004
      • script location: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/2021A_D_E/Feb_Mar_2021/Rothberg_Science/QSOs_MODS
        • All three visible from 02hr to twilight
        • PG 1307+085 - best to do after handover
        • PG 1416-129 - southern object
        • HB89 1635+119 - best to do closest to twilight

-- BarryRothberg - 10 Mar 2021
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