Night Plan UT 02 Jan 2021

Sunset: 17:30

Twilight Ends: 18:53

Night Center: 00:24

Twlight Stars 05:54

Sunrise 07:17


  • DONE UDS z~10 Target - LUCI-1/ESM with LUCI-2/SL - 3 hours - program begins at end of twilight - 18:53-21:53
    • Observe Telluric first
    • (DIMM ~1.2" or better, thin clouds at most)
  • LBTI ALES target observations of HD33632 - 3 hours - 22:00:01:00
    • (DIMM ~1.2" or better, clear, dry)
  • Reconfigure for MODS-1/MODS-2 Blue - 01:10
    • Script Locations: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan_02/MODS_Checkout
      • DONE Check rotator ZP duirng a MODS MOS acquisition (Stone fields) - High Priority - 20min per field - 2 field 01:10-01:50
        • Fields (MMS files in mms/ sub-directory):
          • Stone A - sets 10pm (only if science cannot be done)
          • Stone D1f - sets 2am (only if science cannot be done)
          • Sone E1f - sets 5am
          • Stone I - 3am-twlight
      • DONE Check NS dithers 01:55-02:30?
        • In /home/lbto/Service_Observing/D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan_02/MODS_NSdithers, there are 3 scripts for end-of-night target, Semele (V<~15), available from 2am to morning:
          • async.txt - grid of small async dithers
          • sync+async - large sync dither followed by an updatepointing and a grid of detxy abs dithers
          • sync+async_rel large sync dither followed by a grid of detxy rel dithers.
  • Reconfigure for LBCs
    • LBC Technical Work - Medium Priority 02:50? onwards
      - O.Kuhn running Technical Work
      • DONE focus offset checks - stable seeing (1" or better on DIMM) - 1.5hr
        • scripts in lbto@robs:~/Service_Observing_D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan02/LBC_R_focus
        • check LBCR R focus, mainly.
          • Focus/collimate, then run superfoc at V+r, followed by a superfoc at [Us,B,g]+R, followed again by superfoc at V+r. Repeat 3x.
      • DONE Gain/Linearity checks - 1hr (photometric conditions, but poor seeing OK)
        • scripts in lbto@robs:~/Service_Observing_D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan02/LBC_Linearity
        • observe a star field with successively longer exposure times, so that a set of stars will have counts that range from 1000 ADU to saturation.
        • several star fields will be chosen, with published photometry (SDSS or other) so we can not only examine the linearity but check the sensitivity.
      • DONE TMS: Run TMS in active mode while collecting a series of pupil images (dfoc = -0.8, Z4/Z11 as sent by fpia) - 2hr any conditions (if above can't be done)
      • DONE Collect LBC Skyflats in the morning if clear

Poor Weather Backups

  • ESM data collection
    • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan_02/ESM_Testing
    • M52 (3 filters with bright and faint AO Ref star)
    • M67 (3 filters with bright and faint AO Ref star)
  • ICRF3 Spectroscopy (Rothberg)
    • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Nov_Dec_2020_E_D_Nights/Poor_Weather/ICRF3_Rothberg_2020B
    • ICR5 93.24-13.51 Highest Priority - cycles through G210 K,H,J, and z (fraternal or mono)
      • sets at 3am
      • Target can sustain 2mags of extinction or more - uses 0.25" slit - J=12, H=9.5, K=7.2
    • Observe telluric first
    • Double Check high Dec objects to make sure telluric/science are close spatially
  • If clear but poor seeing, please observe standard stars, cycling through z,J,H,K,Ks
    • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Nov_Dec_2020_E_D_Nights/Poor_Weather/LUCI_Phot_ZP
    • Select stars to use based on visibility - OT file is in directory, export the scripts as needed
    • Please observe the same star at least two times at different airmasses
  • LBC-Red TMS observing in poor conditions
    • TMS: Run TMS in active mode while collecting a series of pupil images (dfoc = -0.8, Z4/Z11 as sent by fpia) - 2hr any conditions

Closed Dome Morning Cals

  • DONE UDS z~10 LUCI-Bino


  • SX M3 failure after switching from LUCI to LBTI
  • AGW6 WFS (MODS-2) non-responsive - rebooted AzCam serer - IT 7003 for troubleshooting
  • MODS-2 Red warm
Link to Google Docs here

-- BarryRothberg - 01 Jan 2021
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