UT 02 Jun 2020

Restart Night Log for C19 Restart

OSA: J. Hill (Tucson)

ISA: B. Rothberg (undisclosed bunker - Tucson)

Mtn Manager: R. Hansen

Night Plan

  • Telescope Check
    • Test preset telescope
    • Open/Close Shutter Doors
    • Test Polycom w/Zoom setup
  • LBC to start if sunset is clear - Skyflats
  • MODS to start if cloudy at sunset
  • MODS AGW checkouts
  • MODS test OBs
    • Q1704+710
    • Photometric Standards
    • Spectrophotometric Standards
  • LBC collimation
  • LBC superfoc
  • LBC test OBs (sidereal and NS)
    • MCG+05-40-000 17:12:12.0 28:25:00.0 - up all night
      • SDSS and Bessel
    • Dumbell Nebula (11pm onwards)
    • C/2017 T2 (Panstarrs) NS - start of night
    • C/2019 K7 (Smith) NS - end of night
    • Photometric Standards
    • Spectrophotometric Standards
  • LBC ITs


Due to lack of personnel on mountain to support ful night time operations, tests will be limited to starting at 2AM local time until sunrise.

UT 08:39 - MODS 1 and 2 awake, sievesnaps taken successfull.

UT 10:00 - shutter doors open

UT 10:05 - MODS in observing mode, AGWs homed

UT 10:21 - some software issues slowing us down, moving telescope now

-unable to read in catalog, seems to be an iRAF error

UT 10:30 - need to go to zenith to set the shell SX

UT 10:52 - GCS GUIs were slowing everyone's X2GO session (OSA, mine, JHill). We each killed the GCS GUIs and things are back to normal. This was NOT a bandwidth issue for anyone, GCS GUIs were slowing things down on ROBS and OBS2. My bandwidth usage didn't spike while using X2GO or change when I killed the GCSGUIs It was all within the X2GO session.

UT 11:08 - OSA lost connection to ROBS - screen went dark. Connection to mountain is still ok.

-DGH and J. Hill were running MATE, I've been running GNOME.

UT 11:21 - brought up GCSGUIs again and my X2GO session slowed to a crawl.

UT 11:27 - J.Hill completing pointing update

UT 11:28 - closing up - we are 30 minutes from sunrise

-putting MODS to sleep

-turning off LBCs

-- BarryRothberg - 01 Jun 2020
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