Night Plan UT 28-Dec-2020

Split Night: 1st half LBTI, 2nd half D/E (this plan)

Night Center 00:21

Handover 00:16

Morning Astronomical Twilight: 05:52

CLOSED BEFORE HANDOVER TO D/Eng - Closed Dome Cals and ESM Tests

Night Plan

  • Software updates
    • Deploy new TCS - high priority
      • From MBec (20201223) "To be clear, TCS 2021A has some changes that will be needed for the AO software, but the AO software itself will not be updated on Dec 27, in fact until Xianyu comes back after Jan 10. We tailored 2021A to be as low risk as possible with this in mind, thus half a night of E time is probably enough to say it's good to fly.".
      • SOUL AO Checkout following problems of 20201220 UT- CRITICAL - 2hours
        • OSCO at handover - 30min - NCPA on / NCPA off
        • AO Scipts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan_02/AO_Testing/
        • Bin3 Test 0.5-0.75 hr - HIGH priority
          • closed loop data 6 positons of the instrument rotator
          • test the camera lens limits with new M3 position
          • Can use either IDL presets, or AO stars from OT in above directory
        • Bin 1-4 tests on-sky - check functionality
          • use scripts generated from OT in above directory
        • Other Issues:
          • IT 8282 - Bin? pupil files issue
          • IT 8281 - AGW1 loses star at DETXY 10" offset
          • IT 8284 - GOPT issues (pending daytime work too)
          • IT 8271 - preset gains for ESM needed - work on creating the necessary values
        • Observe ESM fields using full AO but with N375 camera
          • M67
          • HCG 31
        • Additional?
      • ESM checkout - (M3 and AO checkout must be completed first) - if not started or completed roll over to another night
        • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan_02/ESM_Testing
        • on-sky checks Bin 2 400Hz (FLAO config) vs Bin 2 100Hz (SOUL config) - 1-2 hrs
        • Collect ESM data - <1" seeing - stable - 1hr minmum
          • Palomar 2 - if clear take photometric standards - probing sensitivity vs FLAO - sets at 3am
      • Poor Weather Backups
        • ESM data collection: this is different than ESM tests above - this is sytematic data colleciton - above is checking on paramters for optimal use
          • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/D_E_Time_UT_Dec28_Jan_02/ESM_Testing
          • M67 (3 filters and bright and faint AO Ref star)
          • NGC 3921 all filters
        • ICRF3 Spectroscopy (Rothberg)
          • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Nov_Dec_2020_E_D_Nights/Poor_Weather/ICRF3_Rothberg_2020B
          • ICR5 93.24-13.51 Highest Priority - cycles through G210 K,H,J, and z (fraternal or mono)
            • sets at 3am
            • Target can sustain 2mags of extinction or more - uses 0.25" slit - J=12, H=9.5, K=7.2
          • Observe telluric first
          • Double Check high Dec objects to make sure telluric/science are close spatially
        • If clear but poor seeing, please observe standard stars, cycling through z,J,H,K,Ks
          • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Nov_Dec_2020_E_D_Nights/Poor_Weather/LUCI_Phot_ZP
          • Select stars to use based on visibility - OT file is in directory, export the scripts as needed
          • Please observe the same star at least two times at different airmasses

Issues tonight:

Link to Google sheets for more details of NightLog

-- BarryRothberg - 22 Dec 2020
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