Night Plan UT 03-Dec-2020

Sunset: 17:19

End of Twilight: 18:40

Night Center: 00:09

Handover from E/D to PEPSI at 00:04


  • Starting Configuration is Bino-PEPSI
  • PEPSI Pol Checkout
    • Observations of Polarimetric Standard calibrator gamma equ (21:10:20 +10:07:53 - hits 30deg limit at 21hr local time) - 2 hr
    • Should be done by ~8pm local time
  • Reconfigure for Binocular LUCI - authorize LUCI-1
    • OSCO (NCPA off and NCPA on) - 0.5hr
    • Authorize Bino-LUCI
      • ESM/L1 and SL/L2 observations of UDS z~10 target - Rothberg (3hrs) - clear or thin cirrus - DIMM 1.2" or less - remainder of half night
        • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Nov_Dec_2020_E_D_Nights/UDS_z10_ESM_Science
        • Observations are mixed-mode: L1-ESM and L2-SL. Same setup on both sides (N3.75, G210 HKspec, CWL=1.6, 0.75" slit)
        • Blind offset along slit - center on AO Ref first then offset to faint galaxy - target is H=25.3 (won't see in acq images). AO Ref star remains in slit during observations
    • Poor Weather/Poor Seeing Condition Programs
      • ESM data collection M34 (3 filters) , M52 (3 filters and bright and faint AO Ref star) - if you can close the loop take the data
      • ICRF3 Spectroscopy (Rothberg)
        • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Nov_Dec_2020_E_D_Nights/Poor_Weather/ICRF3_Rothberg_2020B
        • Observe telluric first
        • Double Check high Dec objects to make sure tellurc/science are close spatially
      • If clear but poor seeing, please observe standard stars, cycling through z,J,H,K,Ks
        • Scripts: /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Nov_Dec_2020_E_D_Nights/Poor_Weather/LUCI_Phot_ZP
        • Select stars to use based on visibility - OT file is in directory, export the scripts as needed
        • Please observe the same star at least two times at different airmasses
-- BarryRothberg - 02 Dec 2020
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