UT 10-Feb-2020 - Final night of SOUL commissioning run

  • Night Plan
    • Checkout of rigid install on DX
    • If closed - SOUL SX data collection with ARGOS cal unit
    • SOUL SX/IRTC testing
      • WFS data collection
      • IRTC data collection

UT 00:25 - LUCI-2 init all - 2 test dark exposures luci2.20200210.0001-0002

-closed - thick clouds winds constant borderline with spikes above limits

UT 01:37 - mild panic when IRTC2 GUI didn't come up...turns out windows hung, killed the process and restarted it

irtc2.20200210.0001_cube.fits - first test image

UT 05:19 - Josh checked outside for precipitation about 30min ago. Winds still high, humidity is creeping up towards 90% and temps are failrly low.

UT 05:57 - Josh confirmed snow.... closing out LUCI-2.

Close dome SX SOUL continuing

Work on SX SOUL Bin 3

-- BarryRothberg - 09 Feb 2020
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