UT 02-Feb-2020 - On-sky AGW-2/LUCI-2 Checks

Goal: verify AGW-2 functionality on-sky and that it works with LUCI-2, verify LUCI-2 Rotator ZP

OSA: S. Allanson

ISp: C. Bolyard

Mtn Manager: L. Durham

ISA: B. Rothberg (Tucson)

Technical Wizardry: J. Hill (Tucson)

Checkout Plan (may be abbreviated)

  • Send an acquire preset to do pointing check
  • Send an active on-axis collimation preset
    • If collimation is poor compared to AGW1 - see BG Tech procedures
    • If collimation appears good continue
  • Send an active off-axis preset and collimate
    • Is the guidestar moved to the hotspot correctly?
    • Is collimation proceeding OK
    • S-H spots centered?
    • If AGW3 appears to collimate, stars are centered in S-H spots, and collimation ~ AGW1 proceed
  • Center of rotation check https://wiki.lbto.org/Commissioning/BGTechProcedures#Adjust_probe_position_so_the_guiding_hotspot_is_on_the_rotator_axis.
  • Rotator ZP with LUCI-2 - use astrometric mask
  • Updated PCSInstrument.conf

UT 00:14 - LUCI-2 already up and running - INAF taking cals before sunset

UT 00:45 - opening enclosure

UT 01:04 - multiple attempts to move various instrument rotators by unknown entity, email sent to telescopework.. Putting 0.25" LS away on LUCI-2.

UT 01:05 - going to pointing and colliation stars near zenith

UT 01:18 - Check LUCI-2 Right Rot ZP
  • Value was 177.05 on Sep 13 2019 (note says returning to older value) - UT 2019-11-18 AGW4 was installed, backup PCSInstrument.conf has value of 177.05.
  • Current value is 176.85 (O. Kuhn updated for AGW-3)
  • There were no visible changes or backups between 2019-09-13 and 2019-11-18 to PCSInstrument.conf - even though we have a note that transform data was taken using 177.30
  • Found email thread noting that transform data taken on 2019-09-13 (Rot ZP=177.30 was not good) - from SciOps thread
    • "Technically both AGW transforms were done and implemented, but Doug Miller found something odd about the LUCI-2/AGW-2 transform. We need to have that removed before Sep 21 (John Hill will take care of that) and the old transform put back into place. Luckily, I took extra confirmatory data, so Doug thinks he should be able to both find the problem and work on a new transform using the data collected. The LUCI-1/AGW-1 transform is implemented and Doug thinks its a noticeable improvement over the old one."

    • AGW transform file notes that it was reverted on 2019-09-20 - so i'm confident that Rot ZP = 177.05 with the old transform is what we used all semester.
UT 01:28 - PCS restarted - new RFBG Rot ZP in place

UT 01:37 - Off-axis test looks good, will proceed with MOS mask acquisition
  • will do a MOS acquistion on RTD in parallel and note the numbers here
  • with 3 alignments stars Angle = -0.0479 err RA =0.073 err Dec = 0.123
  • PI was supposed to make new one with 6 more stars without boxes, doesn't appear to have added them
  • also tried on OBS4 - exactly the same but got Angle = -0.00072 Err RA = 0.073 and Err Dec = 0.134
  • unsure why angle is different between RM 507-5 and OBS-4
  • alignment tough - one box (right) well centered, one box (left) off to left by 6 pixels - slits are 1" wide - bottom box can't see star (too faint?)
UT 01:40 - looks like a cable is hanging loose in AGW2 (right_wfscimage000031.fits in /Repository/20200202/GCS)

UT 2:12 - first pair subtraction of science MOS field, nice plus/minus continuum in one slit (field is high-z-ish galaxies so most will be faint) - I think we are ok.

-- BarryRothberg - 02 Feb 2020
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