AGW-2 Checkout and Transform Verification (30-Jan-2020 UT)

LUCI-2 Functional Checkout - D. Thompson

AGW 2 Checkout - J. Hill, an ISA to be named later
  • Send an acquire preset to do pointing check
  • Send an active on-axis collimation preset
  • Send an active off-axis preset and collimate
    • Is the guidestar moved to the hotspot correctly?
    • Is collimation proceeding OK
    • S-H spots centered?
    • If AGW2 appears to collimate, stars are centered in S-H spots, and collimation ~ AGW1 proceed
  • Center of rotation check
    • Images for WFS and Guider:
      images should be located (on obs machine - logged in as lbto)
  • Targets for Remaining Tests:
    • Stone D 04:42:30 +01:04:38 -1st half
    • Stone E 07:00:08 -01:11:30 - 1st half
    • Stone I 12:26:37 +01:25:27 - 2nd half
  • Measure Rotator Center LUCI-2
    • scripts: share/Service_Observing/Eng_Jan_2020/LUCI2_AGW_Checkout - RM507-5/4
  • Rotator ZP with LUCI-2
    • scripts: share/Service_Observing/Eng_Jan_2020/LUCI2_AGW_Checkout - RM507-5/4
  • Updated PCSInstrument.conf
  • Barry's instructions for implementing a transform (not needed for now - use transform in place):
    • ssh telescope@obs1
    • ssh oac@oac
    • cd /lbt/oacontrol/current/etc/
    • file is oacontrol.conf organized by AGW#.
    • edit file in the AGW2 section (replace one there or keep current one - see J. Hill and D. Miller)
    • rdwrconfig -u2
    • then stop and restart GCSR
  • Rotator ZP update
    • PCSINSTRUMENT updated Rotator ZP
    • ssh -X tcs@tcs1 (vis obs1 as telescope)
    • /home/telescope/Configuration/PCS/PCSInstrument.conf
      • update LUCI-2 but be sure to put in notes and revert when done
      • if Rot ZP < +/-0.1 do not update PCS
  • AGW Transform - Stone D or Stone E - instructions on BGTech
    • Send an Active preset to Stone D or Stone E, collimate
    • Then run transform_collect as in instructions above
    • lists are located here on OBS-N: /home/lbto/idl/wfsc/transform/lists
    • use:
      • Stone_D_LUCI_PA0_short.list
      • Stone_Em135_0.list ( don't have to complete full list)

-- BarryRothberg - 28 Jan 2020
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